Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekend in NYC: Day Three

I'm so glad you're all enjoying my little NYC recap!

Sunday morning Beren and I got up early, took advantage of the free breakfast at the hotel (I had a banana and my Jenny Craig cereal bar) and took a leisurely stroll down Lexington Ave. This part of town houses an abundance of Indian restaurants and even at that time of day the air was heavy with the scent of curry. Yummy!

Since Beren loves the Hard Rock Cafe and collects glasses from each location we visit, we decided to zip on over to Times Square and get that task out of the way. Unfortunately, since we arrived before noon he was not able to enjoy a beer inside his glass before purchasing it. Damn! We forget that some cities have that silly no-booze-for-breakfast-on-Sunday rule, never thought NYC would be one of them! Oh, well, we packed up our empty glass and away we went.

By this time we were getting kinda hungry and I heard pizza calling my name. So, off to Little Italy we went! There was a 30 minute wait for Lombardi's so we explored the area a bit until our name was called. Oh. My. God. The pizza was just as good as I remembered from our last visit!

My brother arrived just in time to help finish off the pie, perfect timing and no leftovers to carry around the city! Two slices of this deliciousness, worth every bit of walking needed to work it off!

Since it was now after noon and Beren was hankering for a beer, we took a nice long walk to McSorley's, a pub he'd read about. Apparently we hit the after-church crowd because this place was packed already! We each had two small pints and off we went.

We arrived back in Long Island with just enough time to change clothes and freshen up before the highlight of the day - dinner with the infamous Allan of Almost Gastric Bypass! We met Allan and his lovely wife Sue at his favorite Italian restaurant, Mio Posto. Joining us was another lovely blogger friend, Jacquie from Can't Wait to Lose It with the Band and her husband Steve. Allan had promised us a "real" Italian feast and he delivered! I am amazed at the willpower I exhibited by turning down the bread basket and the pasta, and we won't even discuss the dessert! Take a peek at his blog if you want to see pics but suffice it to say it was a heavenly meal! The company was great, food to die for, an all-around perfect evening. Thanks, Allan!

One quick nightcap at the local Ale House before climbing into bed, tired and content. Steps logged: 15,033 which is equivalent to about 7.11 miles.

One more day in NYC to share! Have a Beauty-Full Day,


  1. We used to have strange alcohol restrictions here in the UK. Those went out the window though with the introduction of 24h drinking.

    The "after-church crowd" made me giggle. I have a vision of people sitting in church, worshipping their god with devotion, while simultaneously checking their watches and licking their lips. Perhaps one or two even took a hip flask to get them through the sermon :p

    Glad you had a great trip to NYC :)

  2. This is too cool! You are meeting all my favourite poeple! Sounds like a great trip, glad you are having fun


  3. Words can not express how much fun I had with you guys. Thanks so much for coming. We will do it again very soon...

  4. Looks like you had a great time getting together and sharing words in person versus the net. That pizza, looks so good. It aint looking like a good Chicago slice, but still it looks good!

  5. Thank you, Allan! Let us know when you're coming to Florida for a visit. ;)

  6. Mark, lol, wouldn't church be much more pleasant under those conditions? ;) Hey, Jesus drank wine, right?

  7. Patrick, I've never had a really good Chicago style pizza, you know a place? ;)