Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weekend in NYC: Day One

We got back from NYC late Monday night after a fabulous whirlwind weekend! Yesterday was spent working, doing laundry, spending time with my peeps, trying to ease myself back into "normal" life. I'm still trying to catch up and today is going to be another busy one, but I want to share a few highlights from our trip. Here's Friday, Day One:

We were up at 4 am to catch at 6 o'clock flight out of Ft Lauderdale, our plane landed at 9 am and we quickly made our way from the airport to the LIRR to the subway to Greenwich Village. Beren and I shared a cannoli at Caffe Dante.

"Snack" at Shopsins..Beren had the ebelskivers, I had the best green vegetable soup I've ever tasted!

Afternoon beer stop at the Ear Inn:

Late lunch at Katz's Deli where we shared a Pastrami on Rye:

Happy Hour at the best "dive" bar in Brooklyn, the Tip Top, where we made fast friends with Junior the owner and his family:

Then we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge...

Exhausted, we arrived at the Bridge Cafe for dinner. Sorry, no food pics, I was too tired to think, can't even remember what we ate but I'm sure it was delicious!

It was about 10 pm by the time we finished eating and my brother picked us up and brought us to his adorable little home in Long Island. Before hitting the sack, I took a peek at my pedometer: 29,656 steps walked which converts to over 14 miles!! Surely that helped burn off some of that cannoli?

More later, have a Beauty-Full Day!


  1. Sounds great.. I love stories that unfold..Very cool...

  2. Trips to NYC are so much fun! I'm loving the beer stops....that's my kind of trip.

  3. Sounds like an adventure! Quite a busy day! after I get off a plane I zone everything out for like 4hrs. haha.

  4. Sounds like you guys had a great time. Look forward to hearing and seeing more.

  5. bbubblyb, we sure did! :)

    Moving Mertle, I know what you mean! This time we had to hit the ground running, though. :)

    Christine, us, too! LOL!

    Allan, you *know* we had a great time! ;)