Friday, October 1, 2010

Measuring Up (Jenny: Day 3)

Getting measured this morning was a sobering experience: 44, 37.5, 45. Oh, and by the way, my height: 5'2"

Oh. My. God. Although I'm sure Beren will be impressed by the..ahem...breast measurements, the waist & hips are awful and I daresay larger than he is!

Well, enough of that, it is what it is, the measuring tape doesn't lie. Next measuring day will be different, no doubt about it. I confessed my dissatisfaction with those numbers to a friend of mine who said, "No worries. You will soon be counting your victories!" To which I added, "and measuring my successes!" I like those phrases, don't you?

I took a picture of today's dinner, not a very good shot considering the poor lighting and my inefficient camera phone, but here you go:

This is the Cheesy Enchilada lunch entree with my own broccoli. This was very filling and quite tasty, will definitely have this one again!

Tonight we are meeting a friend for Friday night happy hour, am more than a bit concerned about how I'm going to resist the temptations of bar food and too much alcohol, but I already have a plan: eat Jenny's soup beforehand. Drink lots of water. Order wine with a glass of ice on the side, something I normally do anyway. I learned that I can have one "free" glass of wine; if I choose another I have to give up one "fat" for the day. Not a problem, I would rather have vino than salad dressing any day.

Hope you're all having a great day so far, TGIF!


  1. Yumm! Hey - don't concentrate on those numbers. You are gorgeous and getting closer every day and making really good food and fitness choices. Just roll with it!

  2. I applaud your willpower. I wish I knew how to go to a bar and just have one or two drinks. After a couple, it's party mode all the way :p

  3. Mark, it's not easy!! In fact, so far I'd say it's the hardest part of this weight loss effort because I do like to socialize and I dooo like my vino! ;)