Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lucky Number! (Jenny: Day 6)

Yesterday I burned 941.3 calories by walking 16,464 steps! Since I'm 46 years old and my birth year is also '64, I'm thinking that must be a lucky number for me, right? Perhaps I should play the Lotto. *smile*

In addition to my normal morning walk with Loki, I also logged a bunch of steps walking the mall. Now, those who know me well are well aware of my loathing for the mall. I avoid that place at any cost, only go there when absolutely necessary. Yesterday was one of those days.

As I mentioned, Beren and I are going to New York this weekend. Since the weather is a bit cooler than here in Florida, I need a few articles of clothing. Long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, that sort of thing. And..jeans. Yes, I do have a pair of jeans already but none that fit well and are NY-worthy. I've been having a hard time finding jeans that fit in the waist/hips that don't gap in my legs/butt; Beren complains that they "sag in the ass" and we certainly don't want that! *wink* I did a bit of online research, googling the phrase "jeans for curvy women no muffin top." After much research, the same brand came up time & time again: Not Your Daughter's Jeans. They got rave reviews, look really stylish, where can I buy them and, of course, how much? Um...yikes...ranging from $89 to $120-ish, these are definitely the most expensive jeans I've ever purchased! I could get several pairs of the cheap brands for that price! However, since I was desperate and nothing else is fitting properly, I trudged off to the department store to try these babies on, fully expecting disappointment.

Got to Dillard's, found the ladies jeans, and several racks of NYDJ in every size, shape & color. Grabbed a couple pairs along with a couple of Levi's in the new "curvy" style. Braved the dressing room, eased myself into those $$$ pants and...lo, and behold, they fit! Beautifully! Soft, flexible, and no ass-sagging! Just to be sure I couldn't get away with the Levi's, I tried 'em. Ewww! I don't know what kind of "curves" they expect to fit into these things but it damn sure isn't mine!

Bottom line: I walked out with one $89 pair of NYDJ and could easily have bought another pair if my budget had allowed. In fact, I just might break the bank and go back for another pair today, they are seriously that nice!

I did very well Jenny-wise as well:

Breakfast: Jenny's Cranberry Almond Cereal, 8 oz fat-free milk, coffee, fruit (I actually saved the fruit for my morning snack), Jenny's multivitamin

Snack: Yogurt (80-100 calories) and mixed berries (saved from breakfast)

Lunch: Large green salad with Jenny's dressing, Jenny's Tuna Salad, Jenny's multivitamin

Snack: Jenny's White Cheddar Popcorn

Dinner: Jenny's Salisbury Steak, 1 cup of steamed green beans, Jenny's antioxidant

Snack: fruit (apple), herbal tea

2 Liters of water consumed over the span of the day

I wasn't fond of the Tuna, won't order that one again, nor the Salisbury Steak but that's just because I'm not a big meat-eater. Otherwise, everything was very tasty!

Off to work for me and then perhaps another trip to the mall? *wink* Gotta log those steps, you know!

Have a Beauty-Full Day,


  1. Very interesting post. It looks like Jenny is taking good care of you as well as your jeans. Ass saggin is like panty lines - just unacceptable!!! A+ for Beren! I have enjoyed seeing your resurgence with your journey. Keep it up!!! ONWARD!

  2. A good pair of jeans is an essential wardrobe requirement. The NYDJ jeans may cost more, but if they fit well you'll feel more confident and that has to be worth it. Plus denim lasts, so it's not like you'll have to buy them that often. Unless you find more styles you like, that is :p

  3. Hi Rapunzel...I understand we are having dinner together Sunday night with Allan and our partners. I am looking forward to meeting you. What part of FL are you in? I am in Ormond Beach.

  4. Those are great Jeans! I have 2 pairs in larger sizes than I am now and almost bought another one but I'm hoping to only be this size for a short time! I found a pair of Ralph Lauren jeans that were on sale at Dillards for $40 the day I almost gave in to the NYDJ's. You'll love them!

  5. I look forward to hearing how your first full week with Jenny went!

  6. Damn, 941 calories! You Go Girl!! Wonder how many miles that was.... ?

  7. If you calculate the 'per wear' cost, those jeans will be a bargain! You'll obviously wear them more because they fit and flatter...better go back for a second pair *wink*

    I am so glad JC is working well for you

  8. Way to go on all those calories burned, that's terrific. You know now you have me wanting a pair of those jeans. I have such issues with pants, all the extra stuff I have to stuff in there lol. Anyway, will have to look into finding them locally so I can try them on.