Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bittersweet Saturday (Jenny: Day 4)

I spent yesterday puttering around the house, logged 5,480 steps just doing chores, no formal exercise. I intend to ramp that up a bit today, really want to reach that 10,000 per day goal. Here's my food for the day:

Breakfast: Jenny's Mini Blueberry Loaf, 8 oz fat-free milk, coffee, fruit (I actually saved the fruit for my morning snack), Jenny's multivitamin

Snack: Yogurt (80-100 calories) and mixed berries (saved from breakfast)

Lunch: Jenny's Turkey Club Panini, steamed veggies, Jenny's multivitamin

Snack: Jenny's Bruschetta Veggie Chips

Dinner: Jenny's Fish & Chips, 1 cup of steamed veggies, Jenny's antioxidant (of all the entrees thus far, this is the only one I would probably not have again. It's impossible to make decent fish & chips without frying)

Snack: fruit (apple), herbal tea

2 Liters of water consumed over the span of the day

I did pretty well all day long, saving my "fat" serving because we had evening plans and I knew I'd want a glass of wine. We started out at the Peter Pan Diner, a South Florida icon, had a cocktail and then headed to a concert hosted by my friend Susan. It was such a treat seeing Dar Williams, an artist I have long-admired, but it was also bittersweet for various reasons. Listening to her singing brought back a lot of memories for me and I found myself in a very emotional place. Instead of just sitting with the feelings and dealing, I had more wine which of course did not help the situation. Sigh. It's ok, though, I am not going to ruminate over it, just got up this morning, chugged a bunch of water and already logged over 6,000 steps. Right back on program!


  1. I am impressed that you guys in the US appreciate good fish and chips. Plus, I thought "chips" was a term you folks only used for things like potato chips (what we call "crisps" here in the UK).

    You're right, fish and chips is all about the deep fat frying. Some things you just can't cut corners on. The real thing may be a little bit naughty, but there is no comparison :)

  2. I have a step counter somewhere - I need to break it out and use it.

    All of the Jenny food looks really good.

  3. Right back on progream, good for you.

    So, after 4 days is the JC food as good tasting as it looks in these pics you've been sharing?

  4. Hey, M ~

    It was a bittersweet night for me as well (for a different reason, which I will recount the next time we see each other)... but I can't imagine you *not* being there... and was so glad you were! - when you came back to tearfully hug me toward the end of the evening, I got it... and loved you all the more for it... <3

    It was also a magical night on so many levels... and I hope we both found our way through to the healing - in the meantime, we are aging well... :-)

  5. Susan, I'm so glad I was there as well, despite the tears. Looking forward to hearing your bittersweet story. <3

  6. Only a Number, so far there have only been a couple of meals I wasn't thrilled with. Otherwise, I'm quite pleased!

  7. Mark, you are right - we do refer to "crisps" as chips here but we also enjoy the *real* version of them! ;) Beren and I are on a mission to find the very best fish & chips in our area; so far, they are at the pub right down the street!