Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oiu! Oui!

You all know how much I loooove bread, how I have a hard time resisting the white fluffy stuff and that I try to avoid it whenever possible because once I take a bite I simply can't stop!

This is true, all true..however, now & then I want to indulge a bit, enjoy some of my favorite treats without worry. Today was one of those days. You see, there's a French bakery on the way to work, a lovely little shop I've visited on many an occasion, both pre and post-diet. I daresay this place has caused a good amount of my weight gain..sigh..and yet, yesterday I found myself pulling into the parking lot. Consciously. Happily. Guiltfree.

You see, at Monday night's meeting the topic was about Dieting vs Living and how we need to make this way of eating a way of life, that the reason WW works so well is because we have flexibility, freedom, no reason for deprivation! If we want a slice of cake, a glass of wine, a piece of chocolate, we can have it! We just need to track it. Simple as that.

So, I went in, greeted the lovely (skinny!) French waitress, ordered a plain croissant (5 POINTS), a large cafe au lait with lowfat milk (4 POINTS), sat down and enjoyed every single buttery mouthwatering bite and creamy sip. Mmm....heaven!

I then brushed myself off, got back in my car and drove to work where I promptly logged my breakfast and congratulated myself on stopping at just one croissant, saying no to the decadent pastry and not bringing home a baguette whose scent wafted through the shop and out the door, perhaps all the way down the road! I know if I'd purchased said loaf it wouldn't make it to the office without being gnawed on, so why tempt myself? This way I ordered just one serving, enjoyed it and moved on!

The rest of the day I watched my food intake carefully, allowing for that unusual 9 POINT breakfast, doubled up on veggies so I stayed full, and did just fine! Maybe this means I can frolic with the devil every now & then? *wink*



  1. Of course you can! That's what I call "being in control." You wanted it, you ate it, you moved on. When you crave something so badly and you don't allow yourself to have it, binges are born. Great job!

  2. Sally, absolutely! And it felt so good to take control over the bread, not letting the little devil overpower moi! ;)