Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Biker Chick

Inspired by some fellow bloggers who bike all over the place (you know who you are!), I decided to follow suit and purchase my own two-wheeler. Lacking the necessary funds at the moment, I did what all independent middle-aged women do - I called my daddy! *grin* Seriously, my birthday is coming up (ok, it's not until August but I'm a Leo, I don't wait for anything!) and I couldn't think of a better gift!

Now, here's the thing, I am probably the most uncoordinated person you will ever meet, it's a wonder I manage to walk straight without injury (and yet I still don 4" stilettos, go figure) so balanced precariously on two wheels is a challenge to say the least. I didn't even learn to ride until I was 8 years old, can you imagine? All of my friends were zipping down the block and there I sat all alone, unable to join them, the kids making fun of me because I didn't know how to ride a bike. Sad, right? *sniff* No wonder I have all kinds of emotional issues!

But I digress...the point is that I have a "history" with bicycles. I only owned a couple in my life - after the childhood version I then moved on to a big girl bike given to me by a boyfriend when I was 14 but once I learned to drive I was done! I didn't hop on another bike until my husband (sensing a theme here?) bought me one for my 25th birthday. We rode the beach together, took leisurely trips around the neighborhood, etc. etc. Then I got pregnant...and pregnant again...and the bike sat in my garage gathering dust until one day in a childish temper tantrum (which were commmon) the soon-to-be-ex-husband threw out my bike as well as my daughters'. What the hell? Apparently they were "in his way" and "no one was using them." And yet he had piles of his own crap sitting all over the place, how is that fair? (Are you getting a clue as to why he is now an ex-husband?) Anyway, years of therapy got me through those ugly memories (sort've) and I'm ready to move on. Really. I am.

So, several years pass and here I am, deciding to join the cycling world again. I was very particular about the exact style, though, no fancy-schmancy 10-speed or big-money beach cruiser, I wanted a Schwinn. Old-fashioned, retro, a blast from the past. It didn't take me long to find the perfect ride, and at Target no less! We picked her up last night and this morning before work I took her for a spin. I was terrified, I admit, thinking that I'd wipe out and have to call my children to pick my broken self up off the asphalt. But I went slowly & carefully, allowing my body to remember how to balance and before I knew it I was zooming along quite nicely! It was wonderful, so freeing and mind-clearing to be riding along with only my own thoughts and the neighborhood sights to amuse me. Such fun!

So, welcome, Rosie! I'm sure the two of us are going to be fast friends.

Have a Beauty-Full Day!

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