Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Moontime Madness

My own personal "Moontime" is approaching and along with it comes the obligatory ravenous appetite and insatiable cravings. Ugh! Though I was mightily tempted to do otherwise, I'm pleased to report that instead of careening into the Entenmanns pound cake I took a bike ride. In lieu of diving headfirst into the Ben & Jerry's I went for a swim. When I wanted chocolate more than anything in the world I resisted my daughter's offer of a Snickers (frozen, no less!) and instead distracted myself with a comedy on tv. Finally, bedtime and I headed to my budoir with something decadently sweet and terribly good in the most sinful sort of way...My Man, that is! *wink* Wonder how just many calories are burned off during that particular exercise... Hmm....

I'm feeling quite virtuous this morning having slain the hormonal beasts and lived to tell about it! Hurrah!

Have a Beauty-Full Day,

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