Thursday, July 30, 2009

Feline Finery

Beren has recently informed me that he'd like to take me on a little cruise for my birthday...3 weeks from now! Since he usually gifts me with a vaca for my special day, this is no big surprise to me but a cruise requires a tiny bit more planning than a weekend road trip, no?

Well, nevermind, I am a spontaneous kind of gal and can be ready to sail in a jiffy! One vintage suitcase full of stilettos, the other crammed with dresses & bathing suits and I'm good to go! However, there's that whole fancy dinner thing that comes with cruising..hmm...I really don't have a nice dress that fits well at the moment so I believe a bit shopping is required, don't you?

It only took one click of the mouse for me to find this stunning dress at Pin-Up Girl Clothing...swooon....I can already feel the silky fabric against my skin and just know the champagne color will complement my summer tan to say nothing of what that low neckline will do for my..umm...attributes. *wink* Hoping to lose a couple more pounds in all the right places before then, hmm...I daresay that donned in this glorious frock this particular lioness will be positively purring...meow!


  1. OMG, i am loving the dress, you MUST buy it :) and how fabby is that website, thinking i know where my new wardrobe will be coming from when the weight finally goes for a non returnable holiday lol. So a cruise, hmmmm sounds lush, myself and my mum (bestfriend) have decided to nip to Egypt in October for some rays, lush,a nd then hopefully back to Vegas again in Jan. Anyways 1.5lb off this week :) How did you get on x

  2. Dearest, Egypt? Oh, my! Sounds absolutely lovely! And congrats on the weight loss, wish I'd done as well..groan..damned hormones!

  3. Ok, update on the dress: it arrived and the size Large does not fit! Damn it! I can't zip the back no matter how much I suck in. sigh. So back it goes, not sure if I'll exchange for a larger size, that XL is so depressing.