Thursday, July 9, 2009

Camping? Moi?

Beren and I are heading out of town this afternoon, going to the Keys for a nice long weekend..alone! It seems like forever since we've had any real time together, what with his girls being here for two solid weeks and every weekend in June. It was great having them but I am used to having every-other-weekend to ourselves and am really missing that couple time! You see, My Man works very long hours and even when he gets home from the office he is in "workmode" for the remainder of the day, doesn't really come back to himself until..oh, sometime Friday evening! This means that weekends are very important to me, to us, and I look forward to them big time!

I'm especially excited about this little getaway because it's somewhere we haven't stayed before, Fiesta Key, and something we haven't really done before: camping. Now, I am going to admit right here that I am not a camper, not in the traditional sense. I can't stand the heat, I prefer not to sleep on the ground and mosquitos and I do not get along! However, my dad owns a gorgeous 40-foot RV and has decided to park it at this lovely campground for a month and has invited us to make use of it any time we want! Isn't that lovely? Dad will be joining us there this evening to "show us the ropes" since we have no clue how to operate the mechanisms of the RV but after that he'll be heading home, leaving us to our devices.

Like all tropical vacation locations, when you're in the Keys you are expected to drink, and eat, and drink some more. Since I don't want to come home even more roly-poly than I already am, I'm going to rein in those habits and plan for better choices. Since the RV has a full kitchen, I have complete control over my eating and there's no excuse to just grab whatever high calorie junk is available. We'll be stopping at a grocery store before we hit the campground so I can grab all of my usual standbys, thus preparing myself to stay (mostly) on track. Of course I realize there will be some indulgences, am not going to deprive myself of fresh seafood and a couple of cocktails, but I am going to be aware of my consumption and track as best I can.

We are also bringing along the bikes, am thinking that a couple of early-morning bike rides and after-dinner strolls will work off some of the aforementioned damages.

So, all in all I feel fully equipped and ready to enjoy some much-needed fun in the sun! In case I'm unable to check in beforehand, have a fantastic, beauty-full weekend!

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