Wednesday, May 12, 2010

(Wo)Man's Best Friend

I got back from vacation late Monday night, had a fabulous time! I remained (mostly) internet-free, spent the hours crafting, reading, walking, and, alas, eating. That last activity was quite evident which I reluctantly stepped on the scale yesterday morning to find the expected gain. Hey, no use whining about it. I earned it, fair & square.

So, yesterday morning I donned my workout gear and grabbed Loki's leash, decided that my dog and I would both benefit from some exercise. Being that he is just a puppy and easily distracted, my usual 30 minute jaunt had to be cut down to 20 but I swear it felt like much longer! This dog training business is hard work, especially in the already-sweltering Florida heat! Whew! Not to be defeated, I repeated the process last evening, and again this morning. Loki was better behaved each time and I found him to be a very nice walking companion indeed! I think this furry bundle of love just might be the motivation I needed to get my butt moving!

Now, if only he could do something about my frequent visits to the pantry...hmmm....

Have a Beauty-Full Day,


  1. Love your daily eye candy and quote! My experience walking our dog is similar, takes a few trys to get it right. Even then there is need for frequent smelling/pee stops.

  2. Your dog is so cute! I used to exercise much more when I had a dog. And it was so much fun going out with him.

  3. My good friend has a dog named Loki. Funny! I've always thought it was ok to gain weight on don't feel bad. Just continue to compensate by gettin' a move on!

    Glad you found my blog, following yours. I love the vintage-inspired photos. So fun.