Saturday, May 15, 2010

Solely a Cure for the Blues

As I said, this has been a rough week. Along with the other trials & tribulations already mentioned, apparently it is also my "Flo time" and you know what that means. Yep, I've been raiding the refrigerator and pantry with reckless abandon, can't seem to get enough sugary, salty, starchy garbage into my already-bloated body. Yuck! Last night Beren and I met some friends for cocktails and I just had to have french fries with my light beer. Why? Why was this necessary? Because Flo said so, that's why! She is a nasty b**ch when you ignore her needs so I gave her what she wanted. Just to shut her up, of course.

This morning she woke me up demanding more white stuff. The fresh croissants on the counter will do quite nicely, or the biscuits my man was baking for his own breakfast. Or, hey, how about that pile of hash browns he's frying up? oooh, yeah, bring it on!

In an attempt to tune out her whines and complaints, I came to the computer, gazed out the window and did some pondering. Knowing that succumbing to the call for junk food wouldn't make me feel good in the long run, that it was just a temporary fix, immediate comfort that would be gone in seconds, leaving me guilt-ridden and craving more, I realized that I had to find a substitute for food. What else could cheer me up, make me smile and provide a longer lasting treat to myself? What do you think, girls?

Shoes! Oh, yes, lovely, lovely heels to adorn the one part of my body that doesn't change size! Aren't these the cutest things ever? Can't you just see them with a black sheath dress or (some day) pencil skirt? Swooon......I can't wait to stick my tootsies into these beauties!

Now, I'm not suggesting that every time we're tempted by something naughty that we should go shoe shopping...or, hey, why not?! *wink*

Have a Beauty-full Day,

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  1. I struggle with that too, the instant gratification over long term health. I don't seem to be getting smarter, just better at outsmarting.