Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why, Thank You!

ooh, I'm so excited! Kristin at Peace, Love and Muesli has honored me with the Honest Scrap Award! Thank you so much, Kristin!

I have also received a Versatile Blogger award from Maressa at The Body Logic! Thank you, Maressa!

I am honored to accept both awards and since they are similar, I hope you'll allow me to combine them just a bit, tweaking the requirements.

Here are seven fun facts about myself:

1. As I might have mentioned before, I saw Elvis Presley live when I was 6 years old. I was a huge Elvis fan even at that young age so my mom surprised me with tickets for my birthday. I still remember standing up on the seat, watching the King of Rock 'n Roll shimmy across the stage. swoon....

2. I am living with, and madly in love with, my long lost soul mate. We dated when I was in high school but outside circumstances led to our break-up and we were separated for over 20 years. When my marriage was ending, the stars aligned and I somehow met up with him again. We discovered that we still had feelings for each other and the rest, as they say, is history!

3. I am rather neurotic and suffer from a slight case of OCD. *grin* My closet is color-coded, my shoes are in labeled boxes and clutter makes me totally nuts. I can't relax in a room unless it's completely tidy, right down to the rug being perfectly aligned beneath my feet. Messes make me anxious & nervous so I try like heck to keep things in order. I often fail.

4. I have a psychic on call, have been "using" her at least once a year for six years now. To me, it's almost like therapy and worth every penny for the insight and peace of mind she provides. She has never been wrong in her predictions.

5. I am a Pagan which means that I follow an earth-based belief system. Though I don't discuss religion or politics whenever possible, I'm always happy to share my beliefs with open minded folks.

6. I love wine. I seriously can't remember the last day I didn't have a glass of chardonnay. I base my diet/eating plan on whether or not it allows this indulgence and often exercise just enough to burn off the 100 or so calories involved in the consumption.

7. My dream vacation is to Paris. I guess many people share that dream, don't they? This past year, realizing that I wasn't getting any younger and my bank account not growing any faster, I opened a vacation club and now deposit a set amount each month. My goal is to be in France on my 50th birthday, four and a half years from now. Wish me luck!

Now, here's where I break the rules a bit, sorry! Instead of selecting x-number of bloggers upon which to bestow these awards, I'm just going to gift it to all of you scrappy versatile lovelies! If you choose to receive it and post about it, please leave me a comment here so I don't miss all of your fun facts!


  1. Rapunzel, don't look now, but I gave you one, also!! Check it out on my site

  2. Good for you on your awards!!!! Cool fun facts about you!