Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trials of Traveling (and Eating) Lightly

Beren and I have been taking an unusual amount of road trips lately both for pleasure and work. While I love these mini-getaways, the decadence of sleeping in luxury hotels, waking up on the beach, maid service, etc. etc..my waistline does not benefit from these frequent induldgences! I find it difficult to stay On Program when presented with so many temptations, the tendency is to throw caution to the wind and dive into whatever decadent dish or luscious libation is presented to me! How's a girl to resist?

Last night, for instance, I was tagging along for one of Beren's business meetings. I arrived at the hotel before him so I headed out to the beachfront pool bar, book in hand. I ordered one chardonnay, opened my book and settled in to wait for him. After a few minutes, though, I realized that I was hungry. Lunch had been hours ago, I forgot to pack a snack, dinner was still at least an hour away, what to do? Opening the menu hoping to find some steamed shrimp or even a small salad I was sadly disappointed. Sure there were huge meal-sized salads but otherwise my options were chicken wings or fat-laden chips & dip. I went for the mango-salsa and lollipop wings which were good but definitely fried and surely not low-cal. I only ate three, though, saving the rest for Beren when he arrived.

The restaurant we chose for dinner was fabulous but pricey so we decided to share. This is not easy with My Man because, as I will share in a separate post some day, he is not the World's Healthiest Eater! It is challenging to find something that we will both enjoy and that won't destroy my diet. So, out came the blackened mahi with Bernaise sauce...groan...I ate half with very little sauce, a caesar salad sans dressing, and 2 small pieces of bread. Not too bad but who even knows how many POINTS that added up to be?

Again, today's a fresh new day and once I get home I'll work some of that decadence off on the treadmill. As sinful as it was, I daresay it was worth every single bite, and every extra minute on that treadmill! Mmm....


  1. What the Dickens is a 'lollipop wing'???? Sorry to be clueless, but I am British! lol

    Loving your work Rapunzel! :) xxx

  2. Watching and Weighting, thank you so much for stopping by!

    LOL, don't feel clueless, I didn't know what they were either! Apparently they just keep the "top" part on the drumstick and remove the bottom, making it sort've look like a lollipop. I don't know, tasted just like a regular chicken wing to me!