Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Let (Us) Eat Cake!

Yes, I know that Marie Antoinette did not actually say that but the quote works for me today as I did indeed eat cake last night. And Saturday night. And last Wednesday night. There have been three family birthdays and as many cakes in the past week, and while I have only indulged in a sliver, I did indulge. I'm not sorry, and I enjoyed every bite. I realize that this is not a Diet, this is Life and I am going to live it to the fullest, savor every moment of it because as I am well aware, it is entirely too short. I'm so glad I ate a slice of my mother's last birthday cake, it was such a pleasure to watch her enjoy it as well.

So, the scale will most likely reflect my cake consumption, and that's ok. It was well worth every single morsel because what is life really if we can't share a slice of birthday cake with our loved ones? As much as I want a thinner, healthier body, it is simply not worth constant deprivation. There must be room for occasional indulgences and fortunately with Weight Watchers, there is! We are allowed those special treats...just perhaps not quite so many of them in one week!

P.S. Be sure to watch the Youtube videos I posted in the Eye Candy sidebar today, the one entitled Cake and Shoes is to die for! What a combination! *swoon*

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