Monday, June 8, 2009

Sleepy Gal

I am dog tired today, dear readers, trying to figure out how to get the caffeine into my system more quickly than my mug of java provides. *yawn* You see, Beren and I had an unusually busy Saturday night and I daresay that I am still recovering! Even a lazy poolside Sunday wasn't enough to revive me, more extreme efforts must be required.

In case you're curious about what caused this overwhelming exhaustion, I'll share with you. Saturday night we decided to walk on the wild side a bit, got tickets to Art Undressed in Miami. Oooh, what an experience! The art, both still and performance, was deliciously enticing, interesting and thought provoking. There were several pieces I would have loved to own but that wasn't in my budget this year, perhaps next time. I did, however, shell out $20.00 to have a serpent painting on my chest, would you like to see the picture? It's a bit grainy as I had only my camera phone to work with, but a professional photographer took a few shots and promised to share them with me so hopefully he'll follow through on that.

Isn't she beautiful? Even though it only lasted until the next morning's shower it was so much fun and drew quite a bit of attention at the next event...

After we perused the gallery and got our fill of art, we headed over to a hip & happening club which occasionally hosts a Burlesque show. I've been wanting to attend for some time but we rarely hang out in this part of town; tonight, however was the perfect occasion!

The show was titillating and totally entertaining and the crowd provided even more eye candy; Miami does indeed have more than it's share of Beautiful People! Beren and I had a fabulous time and I'm quite sure that I burned off several glasses of chardonnay on the dance floor!

By 1:00 am we were totally spent, caught a cab and headed to our hotel room. Yes, hotel room! We had decided to make a mini-vacation out of this, sparing ourselves the hour-long ride home and allowing us to have a few cocktails safely and responsibly. So off to our gorgeous 27th floor room with a stunning view of the Miami skyline.

We awoke the next morning, had breakfast and headed back to Suburbia, having thoroughly enjoyed our foray into hip & happening Miami nightlife! We'll definitely do it again sometime, but first, a nap might be in order.....zzzzzzz......

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