Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Breakfast at Rapunzel's

Like my blogger friend *Bitch Cakes*, I too realize the importance of a good breakfast, and have learned that it can't be a bagel or slice of toast on the run. Unlike my beautiful daughter who can eat pancakes and the like, I need some protein in the morning or I will crash before noon!

I typically eat the same thing every day because it's quick & easy I love it! My version of a McMuffin, with or without the egg depending upon my mood and time limit in the a.m.

1 Thomas' Light Multi Grain English Muffin - 1 POINT
1 slice veggie cheese - 1 POINT
1 piece veggie sausage patty - 1 POINT
Slice of tomato - 0 POINT
coffee w/Splenda & half & half - 1 POINT

(compare to the McD's version of 11 POINTS!)

Then I'll usually pack some fruit & yogurt for a mid-morning snack at work:

1/2 cup Fage O% Yogurt - 1 POINT
1/2 cup melon or other fruit - 1/2 POINT

Total Breakfast: 5.5 POINTS

This tides me over until lunchtime and starts the day off on the right note. Much more difficult to "cheat" later on in the day if I've put in 30 minutes on the treadmill and fueled my body with lean protein, lowfat dairy, fresh fruit and whole grains!

Much better than a fat-laden donut, wouldn't you agree?

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