Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Move It!

January 10, 2012
Calming Movements
Leo Daily Horoscope

You may feel nervous and jumpy today. When difficulties arise, you could overreact emotionally and feel as if tension were suffusing your entire being. You may also feel your sense of anxiety expand into your body, causing you pain and stiffness. You may, however, be able to relieve both your mental and physical symptoms simultaneously by engaging in exercise or meditation. Because the mind and body are intimately connected, calming activities that focus on working tension out in one area can have a similarly positive effect on the other. Today can be the perfect time to begin an exercise routine or invite loved ones to meditate with you.

When you exercise, the anxiety in your mind is relieved as the tension in your body is drained away. Simple, repetitive movements can do much to calm a nervous mind and help you regain clarity of thought. As you utilize your body's muscles, you reconnect with the earth and ground yourself, both in the physical plane and in your body. Life-giving oxygen floods your body's systems and to your brain, giving you the strength you need to overcome your worries and soothe your spirit. The intensity of your emotions will lessen as you get lost in the cadence of your physical movements, and a feeling of sweet serenity will remain. Taking time to exercise today will help you release the tension in body and mind so that you are more present to life. 

Good advice from Daily Om, think I'll go on a nice long walk today.  The weather here has been gorgeous, although we did have to turn the AC back on, it was just too humid in the house.  Looks like another cool front will be coming in toward the end of the week, yay! 

As you know, it's Pizza Night here at the Castle, and I'm scrambling to find a "no-white-stuff" substitute for myself.  I think I found the perfect one here, stay tuned for pics and review!

I have some errands to run and chores to attend to, but before I go I'll leave you with this exercise video from the 1960's. Ms. Debbie Drake, she was something else!  


Have a Beauty-Full Day,

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