Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Woman vs Machine

Loki and I hit the pavement bright & early this morning, did our usual 30-minute jaunt around the neighborhood. We arrived home hot & sweaty, he was dog-tired but I felt like I'd just gotten warmed up. Hmm...I dusted off the treadmill and did another 30 minutes of fast walking, Pink & Madonna blasting in my ears. Got off, feeling absolutely amazing and crunched some numbers:

Wow! Look at the difference between (estimated) calories burned on my home walk as compared to the same amount of time on the treadmill! I mean, I know it's a much more intense workout but didn't think it would make that much of a difference! Guess me and my treadmill are going to be much better friends from now on!

By the way, I haven't posted any weigh-ins lately because my scale is on the fritz. I'll pick up the spare one from Ormond this weekend if I can't manage to get to the store between now & then.

Off to work, hope you all have a Beauty-Full Day!


  1. 3500 calories less in thn burned each week is a pound lost, but you know that. Great effort like that coupled with smart eating will make that scale shrink when it gets off the fritz. Go Rapunzel Go!

  2. Thank you, Misunderstood! I knew you'd be pleased. :)

  3. Thank you, Patrick! I just love you bloggin' men, you are so supportive! :)

  4. Bionic woman vs machine more like :p

    A walk to start, followed by a delicious main course of treadmill domination. Finishing off with a sweet slice of number-crunching success!

    I could use more meals like this :)

  5. Mark, me, too! A steady diet of them, in fact! :)