Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ladies Who Lunch

Busy week so far, catching up on work after the lovely out-of-town weekend but took a break this afternoon to enjoy a leisurely lunch with one of my closest friends, Susan. I don't want to "call her out" but let me just say that this lady is looking incredibly svelte here of late! Being that both of us are working on losing a couple of pounds, we each had a Caesar salad with grilled chicken and lots of water. Even though we were at our favorite neighborhood Italian restaurant, we did not indulge in wine, pasta or dessert. Instead we filled up on each others company, delighting in stories, secrets and laughs shared instead of cannoli! Because no matter what Sophia says, I don't think I can get her figure just by eating spaghetti!

Besides, I want to save some calories for when I visit Allan in NYC in a couple of weeks! He has promised me the best Italian I've ever had..hmm...I'm sure he's referring to the food and not a person, right? *wink*

Not much else to post today, just wanted to pop in for a quick hello. I'll be doing some cooking and recipe sharing tomorrow, stay tuned!



  1. I would like to know what Ms. Loren REALLY ate to keep that figure. What a knockout!

    Polar's Mom

  2. I am always tuned in! That look up there is priceless... I can just hear her in her mind "mmmmmmhhh..." followed by "who the hell does she think she is..." Some people only have it in themselves to hate on other people. That's an easy one to uncover - you need to look at yourself miss. Love that picture.
    Great choice from the menu – ONWARD!

  3. i love the vintage photos! =)


  4. It's not the spaghetti that bothers my waistline, it's all those rich Italian sauces that I put on it :)

  5. Sophia Loren - what an incredibly beautiful and sexy woman!

  6. Sophia Loren, now she could turn an eye faster than a chicken runs from Colonel Sanders.

  7. Mark, oh, yeah. My favorite is linguine & clam sauce..topped with lots of parmesan cheese, of course. *groan*

  8. Polar's Mom, I read one of her books a while back and it seems like she practices moderation! Pasta, yes, but in small portions and a bit of daily exercise.

  9. Misunderstood, I think she's thinking, "you don't need to show quite as much skin, honey." ;)

  10. Hey, M ~

    It *has* been a crazy week, hasn't it?!? - I'm just now catching up on some blog reading... :-)

    Thanks for the validation of my pounds lost... 23 so far - my own blog is sadly-neglected these days, but I do need to write about this journey...

    You and I definitely have perfected The Art of the Three-Hour Lunch, which is always laden with great conversation, much humor and a few tears - we are still fun without wine, d*mmit (although I certainly missed our few glasses accompanying... :-)

    Thanks for being a forever friend - much love always... <3

  11. Susan, next time we'll allow for a glass or two of indulgence! ;)

    Much love to you, my dear friend! xoxo