Monday, September 13, 2010

Tempted by the Fruit..Pie, That Is!

The world is filled with temptation, so many opportunities for one to lose their way, fall off the wagon, go down the wrong path. We all have our vices, whether it be booze, drugs, sex, gambling, etc. etc. For some of us, like me, it's food. And unlike other "sins," food is a necessary evil. We can't live without it, we can't avoid it, can't give it up completely. It's everywhere. So we've got to learn willpower, and moderation and self-control. Those are the facts, like 'em or not.

For the past 24 hours I have been paying close attention to the moments when I've been tempted, when I could have gone off my eating plan and succumbed to something that was bad for me. So many opportunities to be naughty, so many times I could have given in to temptation.

From the moment I woke up and found Beren making breakfast in the kitchen - bacon & hashed browns and white toast smothered in butter.

Uh, how about a light wholegrain English muffin with an egg and a bit of hot sauce instead?

Lunchtime at Subway - a big huge Italian sub with chips on the side? Nope..a 6" veggie sub on whole wheat will do quite nicely.

Afternoon vegging in front of the television: want a beer, babe? Or how about some buttery popcorn? Dinner: Want a pile of pasta with your chicken? Another glass of wine? Blue Cheese dressing on that salad? And, ooh, look at that! Lily has decided to make a cherry pie for the season finale of True Blood! Surely one slice won't hurt!

This was truly the hardest one of all. I love pie, especially cherry. I watched her prepare it, smelled it baking in the oven, sat by while she and her sisters ate warm slices topped with vanilla ice cream. And I resisted. I did not touch the pie. I thought to myself, "Is that really going to enhance this experience so much? Isn't sitting here enjoying a show with my daughters enough?" I guzzled water. I waited for the craving to pass. I had a great time with the kids. And then I took one last look at that cherry goodness sitting on the counter...and I went to bed. Had some romantic time with my man. Got a good night's sleep. Woke up this morning feeling fabulous instead of guilty. Yay, me!

But of course the temptations don't end, today is another day, Scarlett. I was seriously considering skipping my morning walk, making all kinds of excuses to do so. Dead i-pod battery, missing sneakers, blah..blah...And then, I saw this:

How could I resist that face? So off we went, only a quick 20 minute jaunt around the neighborhood but enough to get our blood going and breathe some fresh air. Loki's happy, I'm happy, and our Monday is off to a great start!

Have a Beauty-Full Day,


  1. Wow! Now that is a great post! I love to read these types of comments from you. Take a moment and really think about how you were able to build up the strength to get through your day and BOTTLE IT. Drink some of that goodness every morning and see what happens! I am proud of you and I am also happy to see you made it out for your walk!

  2. Great job!!! You are much stronger than I am!! I can't wait to try that chicken recipie (I'll be subbing for chicken too), thanks for sharing it!

    -Lady Fromage

  3. Love all your food pictures! And that pie is so pretty! I probably wouldn't have wanted to eat it just because it looks too nice. : ) Keep up the good work! Oh and P.S, love Subway!

  4. Awesome. Cherry pie, with themed cutouts..Crapsticks, are they trying to kill you.. Nice pie, and Ice Cream too.. This is why Tigers eat their young..

  5. Well done for resisting the cherry pie! Warm pie and cold ice cream... mmmmm!

    It's lucky that Loki can look so adorable and keep your exercise on track :)