Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fuel for Life!

I am ever-so-honored to receive this lovely award from one of my favorite weight loss bloggers, Misunderstood and Admired? I've written about him before, what an inspiration and motivation he is to me!

The details of the award are as follows:

This award is granted to bloggers who have given someone fuel for strength so they can move onward. Responsibilities: 1. List three things that you are happy about at this very moment 2. List three things that played a big part in your current focus on weight loss and inner growth 3. Pass this award on to a blogger that you feel really deserves it

So, here goes!

At this moment I am happy about:

1. The time Beren and I spent last night with a friend/former co-worker of his. This lady had a very aggressive type of cancer, underwent intense and experimental treatment at a University a couple hours north of us. We really didn't think she would make it, it was very serious and scary. Well, a couple of weeks ago she went for her yearly follow-up and got great news: She is cancer-free, in remission! We were so thrilled, we met her for happy hour last night and toasted to her continued good health and recovery.

2. Being in Ormond, enjoying the peace & quiet of just me, Beren and the dog. As much as I adore my wild & crazy full house, I need the time away to rest, regroup and spend some quality time with my man...and with myself!

3. The big basket of produce on the counter..grin...can't wait to get into the kitchen and cook up something fabulous!
And three things that played a part in my current focus on weight loss and inner growth:

1. My mother's illness and death from lung cancer. This shook me to the core, affected me on every level of my being.

2. My children growing up, becoming young adults who don't require quite as much hands on mothering as they used to, leaving me with more time to work on myself!

3. My Man who never says a word about my weight, still thinks I'm beautiful and desirable, but really deserves a healthier woman to spend the rest of his life with.

Now, I am presenting the award to...

Mark at Fatophobia because he is constantly supportive and complimentary, I know I can always rely on him for a kind word and motivation! He responds to every comment, you can tell that he really cares for his readers!

Thank you, Mark, for being Fuel for Life when I need it!

In other news, Sherron at Shoes to Lose is hosting a giveaway, a $40 gift card to CSN where you can buy anything from dining tables to fitness equipment! You know where that $40 is going if I win, right? Yep, straight to my cute little tootsies! So, hop on over & visit Sherron, enter yourself and spend some time at her blog. She is adorable and such an inspiration!

That's it for now, hope you all are having a fabulous weekend so far!

P.S. Check out the image I really wanted to use for this post but it was unavailable without purchase.


  1. Good for YoU...Congrats on the do give fuel for life...

  2. Oh wow, thank you for the award :)

    I will have to give these questions some serious thought and get a post done!

  3. Great post. Very heart felt answers. Glad you and Patrick befriended me some time ago.