Monday, September 6, 2010

Why, Thank You!

Pearl Frush
I'm thrilled and honored to discover that the always-fabulous Misunderstood and Admired?? has given me an award! So many things make me happy but here are just a few things that make me smile:

Ten things I like (in no particular order)

1. Long Sunday afternoons floating in my swimming pool

2. moonlit dips in the hot tub with my honey

3. lazy mornings with nowhere to be and nothing to do

4. traveling to a new destination

5. family dinners filled with love & laughter (who cares what's on the menu?)

6. Shoes. The higher & sexier the better

7. Champagne, even when there's no real reason to celebrate

8. The color Red, in abundance

9. Purring kittens

10. Pin-ups (of course!)

And because I want to share the happiness, I'm going to pass on this award to all of you! Please, tell me: What do you like? What makes you happy?


  1. Yep, traveling to a new destination... a fave of mine too. Pin Ups, I sure dig those you share with us.

    Congrats on the well deserved award :-)

  2. What a beautifully layed out blog. And you are right...somethings are wonderful no matter the cost. I'm too tall for super high heels, but I've been known to drink cheap wine out of a box...LOL

  3. Thumbs up for purring kittens. There's nothing cuter :)

  4. Visiting you from LBTP - actually this weekend the LB-BBQ!! :)
    Luv your blog!! & your honest approach to your posts - very encouraging!! I think a lot of us go back & forth on the scale & it's refreshing to read your positive outlook! Thank you.

  5. CONGRATS on the win...loved learning more about you!What do I like ...hmmm, so many things. Far too many to list really in a reply.
    But what makes me happy is hubby, my daughters ( well most days) and great friends.

  6. Visiting from the Lady Blogger Tea Party . Your blog is fantastic! Definitly a Follower!

  7. You deserve it!
    Number 3 up there is a MUST from time to time!!!
    Now that we have survived the holiday – ONWARD!!!

  8. Misunderstood, I totally agree! I hate having every nano-second planned.

    Kristin, thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind words!

    Ruby, I'm right there with you on those! :)

    Stella, thank you so much for visiting!

    Mark, I agree. I happen to have one nearby at the moment.

  9. cinfulcinnamon, nothing wrong with wine in a box on occasion! ;) Thanks so much for visiting!

    Thank you, Patrick! xoxox