Thursday, September 16, 2010

Secretary Spread

Joan: I really think this vending machine is a trouble maker.
Lane: I think it's been a great success. Revenue is climbing. I was gonna suggest we get a sandwich machine We'd probably get 40% of the work force keeping busy through lunch.
Joan: Or we'd end up with a bunch of fat secretaries who think the whole afternoon is lunch time because there's always another sandwich around the corner. ~Mad Men

I got home from work especially early yesterday, wanted to give the Castle a good cleaning before we left for the long weekend. As I was on my hands & knees scrubbing floors & toilets, bent over the vacuum & mop, racing back & forth from room to room, folding laundry, moving furniture, etc. etc. I started thinking to myself, "hmm..look at all of the exercise I'm doing here, I wonder if this is the reason I was 20 pounds thinner when I worked from home instead of at the office?" I spent about four hours scrubbing, vacuuming, mopping, the whole deal. Even with only logging two of those hours, check out how many calories I burned:

Whoa! Maybe there is something to this Secretary Spread concept after all! Let's face it, we sit all day long, chained to the desk, only getting up for occasional trips to the ladies room and around our small office. I can't imagine we burn many calories crunching numbers. Then you add the convenience of eating at one's desk and the always-present donutDon't get me wrong, there are plenty of overweight housewives who sit around eating bon-bons and watching Oprah all day, but I wasn't one of them. I had a routine, I stuck with it, lead a very busy & active life. I mothered my three kids, volunteered at their schools, cleaned my house, took care of my husband, and also managed to run a successful part-time business on the side. I wasn't joyous all of the time (hence the divorce) but my house was clean, my kids were happy, and I was thinner. Not skinny by any means but definitely smaller than I am now. Even though I wasn't doing much formal exercise, I was apparently working out enough in my daily routine.

Since I'm not able to quit my job and don't want to become a professional housekeeper, I'll have to find another way to keep the pounds off my already ample hips!

My daily eating was pretty good as well:

I was feeling great last night! Accomplished, in control, content! I do need to up my veggies and lower the white-ish stuff a bit, had too much bread yesterday and am feeling a bit bloated this morning. We had run out of apples (my go-to snack) and I was too tired to run to the store.

NSV: I made crock-pot ravioli & meatballs for my family's dinner. I considered having some, figured just a little bit wouldn't hurt, right? But I stopped, thought about the calories and fat in that little pile of white cheesy stuff, and changed my mind. Instead I was able to enjoy a healthier meal, guilt-free, leaving the ravioli to the skinny folks around here.

It's going to be harder to work in the exercise this weekend since I don't have a treadmill up there, but I can certainly get my derriere to the park down the street for a good walk. Besides, Loki needs it as much as I do.

Have a Beauty-Full Day,


  1. I couldn't belive it, I put on 15 pounds when I began working as a receptionist. Yikes!

    -Lady Fromage

  2. O.K. so heres the deal... I want you to go back and re-read some of your posts starting Monday and go back three weeks. What you will notice is that your tone in your words/voice has changed. Your inner positive energy has been ignited. You are searching for little ways to burn those calories. You are focused on the job at hand. You are actively pursuing the weight loss and inner growth. It is great to see. I am going through a tough couple of weeks here with sustaining my weight window, financial goals, and recently there are troubles brewing with me and the wife. I am having a rough time but reading your posts over the past couple days has given me a boost and your energy is rubbing off on me right now. Thank you and you should be proud that you have found your groove. Don’t let anything come in the way of that. Patrick I think has found a similar groove and between the two of you, you guys are putting just enough fuel in my tank to keep me going! Thank you!

  3. I love Joan! Christina Hendricks is bringing curves back to Hollywood. She's whast I want to look like when I'm a size 14 and to have her confidence WHOA!

  4. Hey there! Found you on the healthy living blogs site! I completely agree with the idea that sitting at a desk all day long can be detrimental to your health and your waistline. I am in the same boat! One thing I found that is great is a pedometer. You can find them pretty cheaply, and they count the number of steps you take. You are supposed to take about 5000 steps a day, but people with desk jobs often take FAR fewer steps. In fact, I'm not currently keeping track, but when I do, there were days I wouldn't make it past 1000 steps. Using a pedometer really helps you see how much you are SITTING at your desk. It also gives you motivation to get up and WALK AROUND, because you want to make sure those numbers go up.

    Anyway, I can definitely relate!

  5. You are sooo right. When I am at home - I cannot be still! At work, I just want to SIT.

  6. Tracey, thanks so much for visiting my blog! Great idea about the pedometer. I have My problem is that I usually wear dresses and it's hard to find somewhere to clip the thing. Any suggestions?

  7. Moving Mertle, she is stunning, isn't she? I want to see a pic of you in one of "Joan's" dresses when you get to that size, ok? We can do it! ;)

  8. Aw, Misunderstood, you are too kind! It's comments like these that keep me going! Thank you!

  9. Lady Fromage, I gained 20 pounds since working at this job! Of course I can't blame it all on that but some of it, yes!