Sunday, January 17, 2010


So, yesterday Beren and I took a little trip to St. Augustine for the express purpose of purchasing a new corset. For me, not Beren; yeah, he's a huge fan of Rocky Horror but not sure he could carry the look as well as Dr. Frankenfurter...

But, anyway, I we went to see our pirate friend, Tiger Lee, to actually exchange the corset I purchased last month. It seems that Tiger's wenches are not quite as adept at measuring because, as suspected, my corset was a full 4" too large! No worries, though, Tiger had me properly fitted and tightlaced within minutes, leaving me gasping for air yet feeling ever-so-special with my new hourglass figure! Sorry, I should have taken pictures but was too caught up in the moment and focused on simply breathing/walking/sitting/drinking through the streets of St. Augustine while being ogled by the tourists who had apparently never seen a woman wearing blue jeans & a corset! Here's a pic of my very corset from Tiger's website, though; you can just imagine my face on this wench's body. *wink*

Now, I've written briefly about corsets before but as time goes by I am thinking more & more seriously about getting a "real" one to be worn on a regular basis. I've done the research and know what I want, all I need now is to save up the money for a trip to Canada to be personally fitted at Lace Embrace. *swoon*

In the meantime, as I recently discussed with Ms. Bitchcakes, I am "practicing" by wearing some modern-day shapewear which really makes a difference in how clothes look and feel on me. My dresses fit more nicely, no lumps & bumps, and I just feel more "finished" and put-together. You know, women back in the 50's wore this stuff all the time and as much as I appreciate the feminist movement for some things, I also think we've lost some of our "ladylike" attributes and I'm sad for that.

Here in South Florida we are so casual, women don't even wear pantyhose anymore, ever, much less a slip or, according to my friends, even matching underwear/bras! It's a shame but I don't have to give in to the masses, I can wear whatever makes me feel pretty & feminine and that includes slips, stockings & garters, oh, my!


  1. Ooh,how fabulous! My reward at goal is to get a properly fitted,custom made corset from this AMAZING shop called Cyber,here in Glasgow of all places! Can't wait to hear more about your adventures in corestry.x

  2. That is a lovely corset! I will have to check out that site. I love to wear corsets out for fun, but can't imagine wearing one on a daily basis.

    BTW, pantyhose are out of fashion everywhere. Real tans or spray on kind have taken their place.

  3. wow thats gorgeous...I found a seller on ebay who makes corsets out of any fabric you like. not sure if they are actually functional or just corset-style, but Im thinking about having one made this coming summer!

    I collect vintage slips, and agree that when wearing the full garb you just feel so special and put together! Luckily Ive aquired most of my slips at thrift stores or the Goodwill for peanuts, I love em!

  4. GlasgowGalah, ooh, I can't wait to hear about *your* corset experience! Be sure to post pics once you purchase it, ok?

  5. Lesley, I am not a big fan of pantyhose (uncomfortable!), but I do love stockings and think it's a shame that we are all bare-legged, all the time.

  6. Ariel, you are a girl after my own heart!;)