Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm a Cheater

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I've been all over the map with my eating plans lately, bouncing back & forth between South Beach & Weight Watchers, haven't been faithful to either and have instead been "cheating" on both. Obviously this hasn't worked for me, I need to commit to one or the other and devote myself..or do I? Maybe there's a way to have both? Hmm...

After much soul searching and commiserating with the "professionals" I've decided to go back to WW online. It's been good to me, keeping me on the straight & narrow with the journaling and suppport, and I think it's the healthiest choice for me. However, I'm also going to dabble with South Beach now & then, eschewing all "white foods" and most processed garbage. This gives me the freedom of being able to have a sandwich or a hamburger bun as long as they are made of whole wheat, not the nutrition-empty alternative.

I've been doing this for the past few days and though I don't see any change on the scale yet, I feel better and that counts for a helluva lot.

Tonight I'm making an easy dinner, started preparing it last night and put it in the slowcooker this morning before work. I haven't figured the POINTS but based on other WW black bean recipes I'm figuring it's about 2 POINTS without the rice.

Slow Cooker Black Beans

1 pound dry black beans
1 can Ro-Tel tomatoes (I use the one w/green chiles)
1 teaspoon or so of miced garlic
1 small onion, diced
1 green bell pepper, diced

Quick-boil the black beans as directed on the package, drain. Place all ingredients in slowcooker with enough water to cover. Turn on low, cook all day. Serve over rice (brown is best) if desired.



  1. I love SBD! I learned so much from it. I do think keeping a food journal is an excellent tool for anyone though!!!

  2. Mrs_Muffins, I agree! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. :)