Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back in the Saddle..Again

I'll be honest, in the past few months since my mother's death I have not paid a damn bit of attention to my diet and exercise. I was too depressed, too stressed, too sad to worry about something as seemingly insignificant as my own health and appearance. And the scale shows it. My weight is at an all time high, I weigh as much today as I did the day I delivered my eldest daughter. Yeah, I know, I was only 100 pounds to start with but still...I am NOT HAPPY.

Now the dust has settled and even though I miss Mom more every day, life does indeed go on and, frankly, I'm doing her a disservice by not taking care of myself. She would be disappointed in me, almost as much as I am in myself. So, this week I'm back in the saddle, tracking everything I eat and moving my body whenever possible.

Because of a Blogger glitch, I've had to re-start this blog and delete all of my old posts. Not sure what happened but maybe it's a sign, a fresh start is a good thing.

I've got to get fit & healthy because I sure don't want my kids to go through this pain I've experienced. Life is truly short enough.


  1. Just found you.

    Good luck in all you do, you are a beauty!

    Be blessed.

  2. Robyn, thank you so much for your kind words, and for visiting my blog!