Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Half a Pound..

That's what I lost this week. Well, .60 actually. You know, I'm pleased with that! It shows that I'm on the right track and know that next week will be even better.

In doing more research on "clean eating," I found that some people give themselves one meal a week to "cheat." I think that's a great idea for me, will prevent deprivation and give me something to look forward to. (Pizza night comes to mind!) And one meal is no big deal, I can certainly bounce back from that.

I'm finding this way of eating to be easier than I'd imagined. I tend to be a "healthy" eater anyway, my issue has always been portion control and giving into temptation for the dreaded "white stuff." The less I eat of that, the fewer cravings I have. Loading up on good protein helps, too. Beren grilled me up a bunch of chicken breasts over the weekend, I cut them into 4 oz portions and separated them into ziploc bags, ready to go for lunch or dinner. I'm going to ask him to do some fish for me next, perhaps a nice mahi or salmon..yummy!

I've been taking pictures of some of my meals, will try to share them with you tomorrow. Thanks to my ex-husband the computer guru I finally have my laptop back, yippee!!

Off to work..hope you all have a beauty-full day!


  1. Congrats on .60! Every little bit counts.

  2. Well done on your loss. You are moving in the right direction!

    I think for my treat night, I would have to swap pizza for fried chicken. Or maybe a cheeseburger. How I miss those... ;)