Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cleaning Up

Photobucket's wonderful what a day on the couch will do to a girl! I only left the house for an hour yesterday, just long enough to pick up books & dvd's from the library and dinner ingredients from the gourmet market. It's so hot here, 93 degrees after sundown last night, that holing up in the a/c was not a hardship at all. I'm feeling a little better this morning, thanks to all of you for your well wishes!

One of the books I checked out from the library is The Eat-Clean Diet by Tosca Reno. I've heard a lot about "clean eating" and wanted a bit more information. Have any of you read this and/or follow this diet? The author is in her late 40's and looks amazing. Yeah, ok, she's probably had a bit of work done and yeah she works out a ton but still...what would I give for those abs?!

I skimmed through the pages yesterday and thought, "wow, this is the way my ex-husband the bodybuilder used to eat." Protein powder. Oatmeal. Egg whites. Chicken Breast. Whole grain. 6 small meals a day. Very popular way of eating for the gym rats and, yes, I can attest to the fact that it works. My ex and his buddies had great bodies with very little fat and had a lot of energy.

More importantly, though, is whether or not it's do-able for me. Here are the basic principles:

• Eat 5-6 small meals, everyday
• Eat every 2-3 hours
• Combine lean protein & complex carbs at every meal
• Drink at least 8 cups of water, everyday
• Never miss a meal, especially breakfast
• Avoid all over-processed foods, especially white flour and white sugar
• Avoid saturated and trans fats
• Avoid sugar-loaded colas and juices
• Consume adequate healthy fats (EFAs) everyday
• Avoid alcohol
• Avoid calorie dense foods that contain little nutritional value
• Depend on fresh fruits and vegetables for fiber, vitamins and enzymes
• Stick to proper portion sizing

Sounds pretty easy, right? The only thing I'd have a problem with is, frankly, the avoidance of alcohol. You all know how much I enjoy my vino! So, I'm going to do my best with that part.

If you want to learn more and don't necessarily want to purchase the book, check out the Sparkpeople Team Forum for Clean Eating. Lots of information and support there!

I did a quick grocery run this morning, came home and made breakfast. Following the basic principles, ate: 3 egg whites scrambled with diced green peppers, 1/2 a cup of oatmeal with raisins, a teaspoon of unsweetened applesauce and a splash of almond milk. Filling and delicious!

I'll keep you posted on how the rest of the day goes..hope yours is Beauty-Full!



  1. The thing with eating 5-6 meals a day, is how do you organise that around a busy lifestyle? If you are at work or out doing things for the day, it might be tricky to make sure you are regularly eating good quality food. I think it will be a tough routine to get into, especially for those of us who struggle to get three healthy meals a day as it is!

    Good luck and let us know how you get on with it :)

  2. Damn - she looks fabulous – hot to death for late 40's or any age over 29.
    This way of living sounds like something I would like to try but the problem is my work schedule and the fact it will absolutely not allow for this type of eating schedule. Keep on the path... The more your mind thinks about your health the more your body will cooperate.

  3. Mark, I completely agree, it can be challenging to work in those many meals. However, I work in an office with a water cooler, refrigerator and microwave nearby so it's pretty easy for me to take a short break and go grab something, eat it at my desk if necessary. If this wasn't possible, I would do as Tosca suggests and pack a cooler.

  4. Misunderstood, doesn't she??!

    Thank you for the encouragement, so far so good! :)