Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hot Dish: Mexican Chowder

Day Two of my "mystery ingredient" recipe; this time I focused on the abundance of green bell peppers in my produce drawer.  Chip loves bell peppers, puts them in his salad and fries them up with vegan Italian sausage for his own version of sausage & peppers.  So, when they went on sale last week, he scooped up a bunch. Too many. I also had some cooked black beans and frozen corn, voila! Mexican (Corn) Chowder from Happy Herbivore, also featured in Forks Over Knives. Below is the original recipe, along with picture of finished product, because once again my photo was awful!

Mexican Chowder in Progress photo 20140108_174041_zpsghwbqljv.jpg

Note: I served some of HH's cornbread alongside, you can find that recipe from Everyday Happy Herbivore right here.

Nutritional Info: 252 calories; 2.4g fat; 43.4g carbohydrate; 9.6g fiber; 13g sugars; 16g protein; 5 WW PointsPlus

The Verdict: While the flavors were good and I loved the consistency, I would've liked a bit more spice.  Next time I'll toss in a little jalapeno or hot sauce.  Also, I'd double the recipe as it hardly seems worth it to make only three servings, what an odd number! Overall, I think try another chowder recipe next time.

Tonight's "mystery ingredients" will be black beans, (more) corn, brown rice, and (more) carrots, stay tuned to see what I come up with!

Have a beauty-full day,

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