Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Morning Girl

So, I got up yesterday morning with a new attitude, determined to start this work week off on the right note. Knowing that I need to make some changes in my routine, I decided to go back to an old habit that worked really well in the past: No computer before exercise. Period. I woke up, had my morning coffee with Beren before he headed off to work and then I put on my workout clothes and hopped on the treadmill. Oh, I could hear my laptop calling me, taunting & tempting me with exciting e-mails and not-to-be missed posts from fellow bloggers. But I resisted. I clicked on the DVR and turned my back on the internet, immersed myself in one of my favorite tv shows and before I knew it 30 minutes was gone! Then and only then did I sit down at my desk and enter cyberworld. It really set the day in motion and helped keep me on track, am happy to report that for the first time in a long while I was Perfectly On Program! Yay, me!

This morning, same thing. By 7 am I have already cuddled with my boyfriend, crossed off some household chores, packed my lunch, laid out my breakfast, logged another half an hour on the treadmill, showered and dressed for work. Whew! After all of that, I feel justified in enjoying a little alone time, just me, my feline companion and the blogosphere! And, damn, it feels good to get that exercise over with first thing! Now, I must admit that I am, and always have been, a morning person. I am up before sunrise, and, unless I am being highly entertained...wink...I'm sound asleep by 10 pm. I do my best work, whether it be physical or mental, in the wee hours before the rest of the planet is awake. So, really, it just makes more sense for me to incorporate exercise into my morning routine. It's no hardship for me and allows me to go about my busy Tuesday knowing that I have done a very good thing for my body already!

On that note, I've got to share this hilarious vintage YouTube from back in the days when a housewife's biggest morning mission was making her husband the perfect cup of coffee! Enjoy, and have a Beauty-Full Day!

30 min on treadmill, 220 calories burned, 2 POINTS earned


  1. I've had to make a conscious effort to deal with my computer/internet/blogging addiction... Still, if I'm on here, I'm not eating! ;o)

    I'll watch the commercial now...

  2. I love the concept of no computer until after exercise. I am a terrible procrastinator and frequently put off my training in favour of sitting in front of the computer until I *have* to force myself to do it.

    I think I might start doing that too :)