Friday, March 19, 2010

Fishing Friday? Not!

Yesterday afternoon Beren and I packed up the car and headed out of town, he has some training to do in a city about 2 hours north of us, Sebastian.

After checking into this cute little hotel, we headed across the street to their Sand Bar where we sipped some cocktails and were treated to the musical talent of this young man, Shain Honkonen.

We then went inside the restaurant for dinner, had a fabulous meal of Mahi Tropical with baked potato (yeah, I indulged in the white stuff) and roasted asparagus. I only ate half so I can enjoy the rest for lunch today. I can't find the exact recipe, but this one looks similar, I calculated it at 6 POINTS.

Since Beren did have to work this morning, we hit the sack early, got up refreshed and ready to explore the area solo!

As you can see by the website, this is a very fishing-friendly town and if you don't know this already about me, I am not a fisherman. Other than sailing around Biscayne Bay on Beren's little boat, or cruising on a giant ship, I prefer to keep my feet firmly on the ground! I tried deep sea fishing once and believe me that was more than enough! The captain decided to brave 4 foot seas, trolling around with me bouncing all over the boat the first part of the journey and hanging my head over the remainder of it. *groan* Not my finest moment and one I'd rather not repeat, thank you very much. Green is not my color, if you know what I mean.

So, how to spend my morning while my man is out working? I could just don my bathing suit and lounge around by the pool but first I laced on my sneakers and went out for a walk. Not knowing the area, I spent 15 minutes walking down the busy highway before discovering a lovely path right along the water! Duh! I spent 45 minutes soaking up the beautiful local sights....

Sebastian Pier


Sebastian Shack

and even found a happy hour spot for Beren and I to check out later! (you know how I love my biker bars!)

Earl's Hideaway

Well, time to hit the shower and see what trouble I can get into this afternoon. *wink*

45 Min Brisk Walk, appx 224 calories burned (according to Sparkpeople, 2 POINTS earned


  1. What a gorgeous little town! Mmmm, I love biker bars! They always have the best (and probably not so healthy) burgers! I've never tried deep sea fishing. Im from St Louis, so we fishing off the Mississippi River or lakes..probably a little easier than a big, rocky boat!

  2. Brittany, yeah, that bar food gets me into all kinds of trouble, lol! xoxox

  3. How fun! I so miss the beach and I'm like you - I don't do fishing.

  4. Hey Rapunzel! Stopping by from LBS Tea Party. As I read through some possible blogs to visit today, I immediately clicked on yours based on your title and description. Love that you are focused on healthy and fit, and not Hollywood skinny!


  5. Found your blog at the Lady Bloggers Tea party and I will for sure be back! I'll have to disagree with one thing, I love to go fishing! Love the pics! Great Blog!

  6. Diane, any time you want to visit the beach, let me know! xoxoxo

  7. Amanda, thank you so much for visiting and for your kind words! LOL at the fishing, it's ok! I just don't have the stomach for it I guess. ;)

  8. Liz, thank you so much for stopping by! Glad you're enjoying my blog, heading over to yours right now! xoxoox