Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Howling at the Moon!

No, it's not the full moon yet but I'm howling anyway! You see, there's a reason for my short absence, and his picture is below....

Meet Loki, my new wolf-dog puppy! Yep, you read that right, I adopted myself a wolf-pup! Now, those of you who know me in "real life" aren't surprised because I have been fascinated (some would say obsessed) with wolves for years now, ever since I read Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes and felt an instant connection. Over the past few years I've volunteered at a wolf sanctuary and have given serious thought to adopting a wolf dog but didn't think I was ready yet. Well, two weeks ago this little guy's picture showed up in my mailbox with this description: 4 months old, loves the water, gets along well with cats and other animals. Is 90% housebrokenWhoa! We rarely have a pup come up for adoption and the fact that he does well with cats was a huge plus! After a quick consultation with the family we decided to go for it. So, the adoption process began. We were approved on Monday and made the hour and a half long drive last night to pick up our new baby!

I'm madly in love. Seriously. He is an absolute angel. A big, furry, messy angel but an angel nonetheless! We named him Loki after the mischievous Norse god..grin...from what I can see so far his name suits him perfectly! Here he is below with a couple more family members, Presley & Lucy.

So, if I'm absent in the next few days don't worry. I'm just busy exercising (walking Loki, mopping the floor after he & Lucy track in mud) and cooking (well, not exactly cooking as Loki eats raw meat in addition to his kibble) and getting to know our new bundle of joy!

Hugs & Wolf Kisses,

45 minutes of heavy cleaning, appx 252 calories burned (according to Sparkpeople, 2 POINTS earned

P.S. I should have clarified, Loki is a wolf-dog of "low-content", not sure how much wolf and how much dog as we don't know his parents. He was dropped on the side of the road as a baby and has been fostered ever since. I'm sorry for him but awfully glad he's mine!


  1. oh, what a sweet baby!! When I was a little girl, I had a wolf pup. He was wonderful. They really do make great family pets and are very intelligent. When he grew up, he started ripping up the landscape timbers in the back yard and dragging them around like sticks..but that's life with a big crazy wolf! He will really enjoy it when it snows. With my pup, he didn't understand that a snowball wasn't a real ball so it was funny to watch him try to catch snowballs and then wonder where they went! Have fun with your new fur-baby!

  2. Congrats on the new addition to the family. Loki is beautiful!

  3. OMG... A real wolf?!? Is it an orphaned pup? Please let us know the background! I can't believe he gets on so well with your cat (and your cat isn't freaking out!) Is this a permanent adoption or will he be able to be returned to the wild at some point? I've no idea how domesticated wolves can become!

  4. Brittany, I'm going to have to bring him to visit you in the winter since I never get snow here! ;) xoxox

  5. Patsy, he is a low-content wolf dog which means probably less than 20% wolf. The other parts are most likely Husky. :) So he's domesticated with just a hint of that wolf-like presence and intelligence! ;)

  6. Hello :) Stopping by from lady bloggers. I love the 1940s feel of your blog! So cute!