Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm Sassy!

The always-fabulous Jules of Big Girl Bombshells has bestowed the most wonderful award and personalized Bombshell title! Thank you, darling, I love the Sassy title and will do my best to live up to it! *wink*

Now I am suppose to pass this on this on to 15 other blogs and tell you 7 things about myself. I'm going to break the rules just a bit and pass these awards on to all of you who visit 'cause I think you're all Beautiful Bloggers!

Here are 7 random things about me, would love to read the same about you so please leave me a comment so that I can visit your Beautiful blog as well!

*I saw Elvis Presley perform, on my 6th birthday. One of the best birthday memories ever! I still remember standing up on the chair, my mom holding onto me, watching the King rock & roll across the stage!

*I am terribly claustrophobic. I didn't know this until I was 26 years old and had an MRI. Bad, bad way to find out!

*I can't think of a vegetable I don't like. Seriously. Even beets. They're all wonderful! Of course, if I ate more of then and less of the other stuff I wouldn't have a weight issue now, would I?

*Up until I was about 11 years old I had short hair. Super-short, as in Pixie. My mother wouldn't let me grow it long until I could take care of it myself. I am still rebelling.

*At 26 years old I a had a cancer scare that rocked my world forever. (Hence the reason for the MRI, see above). I'll post at length about it one day but suffice it to say that getting a death sentence at that age with three babies at home is not a good thing.

*My Man and I were highschool sweethearts. We broke up when he was in college and couldn't handle the long distance. I married his best friend. 23 years and 5 kids between us later, we reconciled. This weekend marks the 6 year anniversary of that reconciliation. *smile*

*My great grandfather was pure Cherokee Indian. My lily white great-grandma ran off with him, creating quite the scandal but they lived happily ever after. I guess that's where I get my romantic nature. *wink*

Thanks again, Jules, this was a lot of fun!

Have a Beauty-Full Day,


  1. Hey! Another person who can't find a veg they don't like! I thought I was the only one!

    Great list of facts. :o) Congratulations on the award.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I am extremely claustrophobic also.

    Those big things that scare us OFTEN cause changes!

    How romantic about ur relationship....Love those fate romances...

  3. WOW. This is all so interesting. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Loved the love story, I think they need to make a movie out of this. :)

    Sorry about the cancer scare. Must have been terrifying. Glad it turned out ok, it did right? I will stay tuned for the whole story.

    Yep, I also love all veggies. And all fruit. And all grains...mhh what don't I like?

  4. You definitely are sassy! Congrats on the award!!'

    And I have kept meaning to post this. I love how you are working your way through vintage cookbooks. My beloved and I are cookbook addicts :)