Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pretty in Pink

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My daughter works for Tijuana Flats, so whenever there's a discount or promotion going on, I'm in the know.  Yesterday she shared some really exciting news: It turns out that for the seventh year in a row, the restaurant chain is raising money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  You can read more about it here, but basically for a $1.00 donation guests can have their favorite hard or soft taco in a fancy pink form.  How cool is that?! Since I am on Day One of my Plan, I chose not to participate, but Chip was happy to support the cause.

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Having researched the restaurant's online menu ahead of time, I knew that my best bet for a low-fat vegan entree was the Black Bean Salad, sans shell and dairy of course.  I took the nutritional info from the site, minused out the stuff I wasn't eating, and came out with a very respectable calorie/fat count for my meal.  Under 200 calories and 9 grams of fat for all of this, amazing!

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I should mention that before dinner, Chip and I had a movie date, went to see The Butler.  What an amazing film, highly recommend it!  Now, we all know that a movie just isn't the same without a tub of popcorn, right? Out of curiosity, I looked up the nutritional info on a small (unbuttered) bag of theater popcorn.  Are you ready for this? 485 Calories, 32 grams of fat.  Holy smokes! There's no way I'm putting that into my body, so not worth it for a couple hours of, let's face it, mindless eating.  tInstead, I dragged out my air popper and made my own, bagged it up and stuck it into my purse.  My 4 cups of corn, tossed with 1 tablespoon of Nutritional Yeast: 150 calories and 1 tiny gram of fat.  For that kind of savings, I'll take the risk of being caught by the theater "police." (For the record, my daughter worked for Regal and says unless you're being obnoxious about it, they won't give you a hard time for bringing in your own snacks).

So, that was my first official day back On Program.  Overall, it went really well, thanks to a little bit of planning and a lot of willpower (I didn't have even one bite tortilla chips at TF!).

We're packing up and heading  back to South Florida tomorrow, so today will be a busy one.  I have a yummy slowcooker soup planned for dinner, will post the recipe tomorrow.

Have a beauty-full day,


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