Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I'm Back!

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No joke, it's really me!  Though I am still posting on my other blog regularly, I found that I miss my pin-ups.  Also, though I certainly mention health & weight issues over there, the emphasis is really on vegan cooking and lifestyle, with a little bit of travel thrown in.  I tried to combine the various aspects of my life into one blog but am finding it a challenge.  Because that blog is more publicized, I find that I am censoring my posts a little bit, not sharing as easily as I once did.  So I'm going to try to maintain both, see how it goes. I will not be using the Rapunzel alias anymore because it no longer fits, and honestly I feel a little bit silly, a 49-year old woman posting pin-ups, but why not? Can't we women embrace our sexy, sassy selves at any age?  I certainly hope so. 

So, here's a little update.  After ups & downs, weight losses and gains, I find myself with about 40 pounds to lose.  *gulp* That is depressing as hell.  There are lots of reasons (aka excuses) to make for this but the bottom line is that I haven't stuck to my program and haven't done the work.  It's as simple as that. I need to get serious, because this halfway approcah is never going to help me reach my goals.

Samhain (Halloween) is right around the corner, and since it is considered the witches' new year, what better time to start? From today on, I recommit to my low-fat vegan diet, using Sparkpeople to log my food and exercise.  I hope to reconnect with my fellow fitness bloggers and hopefully meet some new ones.

Happy October 1st!


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