Saturday, December 4, 2010

'Tis the Season

I was on vacation the week of Thanksgiving, returned to work this past Monday. While I stayed mostly on program throughout the holiday and following days, I did get a bit lazy in my eating & exercising so I was concerned about my weigh-in. (I changed the day to Thursday because that works better for my schedule, by the way). Oh, and then there was the nasty time-of-the-month water bloat working against me, ugh!!

I hopped on the scale with trepidation, only to find that the numbers weren't as bad as I expected: 160.8. So, I gained 2 ounces, big deal! Sure, I would rather have lost but I'm not going to complain. According to my bathroom scale, those 2 ounces are already gone so I'm sure to see happier numbers at my consult next week.

The weather has finally cooled off here, it's a brisk 57 degrees here in the tropics. *grin* I know my northern friends want to kill me for writing that, don't ya? Loki and I are enjoying our nightly walks even more though he hasn't quite figured out the whole holiday decorations thing. Lights he can handle, moving figurines really freak him out.

I've been doing a little more cooking lately, trying to match the family meal with my JC entrees. If I have pasta, so do they, etc. I'm also doctoring my Jenny food a bit, adding handfuls of veggies here & there, dashes of spices to change the flavor. I also tried a new entree the other day - chicken fajitas! This required some actual stovetop cooking, not just pushing buttons on the microwave, fun! Valerie gave me good ideas for additional veggies to add next time:

Prepackaged Jenny Craig Chicken Fajitas (with vegetables, white meat chicken and flour tortillas with seasoning packet)

Add Your favorite veggies! Here are the ones Valerie and Tom used:

o Mushrooms
o Onions
o Red, yellow and orange peppers
o Jalapeno peppers
o Pico de galo
o Cilantro
o Diced Tomatoes

Other Vegetables could include:

o Asparagus
o Zucchini
o Eggplant
o Squash
o Broccoli

Lightly coat the skillet with non-stick vegetable spay and heat pan 30 seconds on high. Add the prepackaged Jenny Craig Chicken Fajitas, and let cook for 3-4 minutes. Incorporate the extra veggies into the skillet and stir for an additional few minutes, until thoroughly cooked. Sprinkle on fajita seasoning, and stir for 30 seconds. Serve immediately in tortillas and top with cilantro and pico de galo to make a Jenny Craig Volumetrics healthy and satisfying Chicken Fajita!

Has anyone started holiday baking, and if not, do you plan to? I'm going to make cupcakes and a couple batches of cookies, am thinking (hoping) I'm strong enough to resist the goodies and that the joy of baking outweighs the misery of temptation!

Hope all is well, have a beauty-full day!


  1. Welcome back! And yay you for not gaining (as you said, the .2 has already dropped off) while you were on holiday!!

  2. Yay! Your positive attitude is infectious


  3. Congrats on not gaining over the holiday! You did better than I....!

    Stop by tomorrow, I'm hosting my first give away :)

    Keep up that great attitude! Yes, it is contagious!