Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Isn't it Moronic?

Beren & I watched the film I Could Never Be Your Woman and while the movie itself was ok, the real highlight was this song, so inspired that I have to share! Here are the lyrics I especially enjoyed, followed by a clip of the very talented Saoirse Ronan. I can only hope that she and her generation of young actresses actually feel this way.

a young girl, wants to be a big name,
in movies, they must all be the same,
she wont need to sing or to act,
just loose all of her body fat,
and isn't it moronic?
don't you think?

It's insane!
that they loose so much weight,
its a young nicole , with no food on her plate,
its a fat lindsey,barfing up a cake,
they think they're all cute, stick figures...

Have a Beauty-Full Day,

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