Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

My 45th birthday had a few sad moments..missing Mom's early AM birthday call..her cards, both e-mail and computer-made, and of course seeing her on my special day, the person with whom I'd spent every Aug 20th of my entire life. My Sweetie and my wonderful daughters did their best to make the day special for me, as did my amazing group of supportive, loving friends. Thank you so much to all of you everything, I feel incredibly blessed!

And for any of you who wonder why I refuse to cut my hair, the above photo, circa 1970, should explain it all! *shudder* Why did moms think those pixie cuts were so adorable?! I love my red dress, though, guess that was my favorite color back then as well!

I did get treated to a little beauty treatment, many thanks to Lily and her recently-graduated hairdresser BFF! I love that she respected my wishes and didn't get all scissor-happy on me. *grin*

Now off to bed for this birthday girl, I have another big day of fun tomorrow!


  1. I had one of those awful pixie cuts too. Maybe that is the reason why I like keeping my hair long. I never thought of it.

    Hope your birthday was a blast.

  2. MB, what is with that cut, why was it so popular?! I was watching an old Audrey Hepburn film last night and even she, gorgeous as she was, would've looked better with a tiny bit more hair, lol!