Thursday, May 28, 2009

Working Girl

Things are changing around the office and I'm having a bit of a hard time with it, frankly. You see, I am only a part time employee and up until now my job has been very easy & flexible. I'm at the bottom of the "support staff" for the partners at our firm which means I could pretty much work my own hours, come and go as I pleased, and if I took a day off here and there it didn't matter very much. Oh, they need and want me, don't get me wrong, but I had few deadlines and was relatively "unimportant," which is exactly how I liked it!

Well, times there are a changin'. Since the new year, my responsibilities have been gradually increasing along with my boss' expectations of me. It appears that they have discovered my talents...grin....and intend to take full advantage of them! I am working harder and longer and find that my days off must now be planned well in advance and with other staff's schedules in mind.

While I am flattered by their confidence in me, am certainly not adverse to hard work and could definitely use the additional income, I wasn't prepared for this shift and it's thrown me off just a bit. My routine has changed, I have less time at home to tend to domestic duties and even fewer hours of Alone Time which is really important to my mental health and well being. I don't even want to talk about how this has impacted my exercise routine but suffice it too say that after a stressful day at the office I'd rather have a glass of wine on the Pirate Patio rather than jump on the treadmill! And my diet? Well, I'm a stress eater which is a bad thing but on the flip side, more hours at the office means less time at home to nosh so I that might work to my advantage.

I'm sure that I will adjust soon, am just feeling a bit overwhelmed and wearing a few too many hats at the moment. I think I need a vacation and fortunately I have one coming up very soon! Pre-planned and Boss Approved, of course.

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