Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I've decided to reset my goals over at Sparkpeople, using October 31st as my new starting date.  There's just something appealing about a fresh new start, wiping the slate clean, starting over. (If only those do-overs were as easy in other aspects of life, right?) I am, however, keeping my starting weight the same since I think I should be given credit for those first five pounds lost in 2013, don't you agree?

Here's the thing: as noted in the countdown ticker at the bottom of my blog, it is 40 weeks until my 50th birthday. If I lose 1 pound per week, I will easily meet my goal. I would love to greet age 50 with an improved body, and perhaps a new wardrobe. *wink*  I'm determined, I'm capable, I can do this. I've done much, much harder things in my life than lose weight, there is simply no excuse.

So, here we are, weigh-in day, almost a week after vacation, how did I do?

I lost 2 pounds.

To say I'm happy is an understatement. I guess the healthy meals, even while away, lack of excessive snacking combined with lots of walking paid off!

In order to jumpstart my week, I purchased Happy Herbivore's weekly meal plan and intend to follow it as closely as possible for the next 7 days.  The structure will be good for me, but I also have the freedom to add/subtract from the menu to my own liking. I did all of the shopping yesterday, plan on prepping and cooking today, so be sure to visit me tomorrow for an update!

Have a beauty-full day,


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  1. While the best workout is in the kitchen, I have to say that I have seen amazing results with lifting weights. We started out super light - things you can do in your house with a small set of hand weights. I highly suggest it and I bet Wayne can make you a plan.