Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pretty in Ink

Despite the fact that my daughter is a tattoo artist, I'm not a fan of tattoos. In fact, some might say I have a deep dislike for them.  Don't get me wrong, I have seen some beautiful pieces done by some very talented artists, Kali included, but I would prefer to see the artwork on the wall, not their bodies. 

Also, despite the fact that I love witches, vampires, and many things other-wordly, I don't care for the Twilight books. I read the first, barely making it to the end, and gave the movie a chance.  It was, eh. I don't understand the hype, will take Sookie Stackhouse and her sexy adult paranormal companions anytime!

However, I found this article and photo below quite interesting indeed.  Taken from the comments posted, a lot of folks think she's silly to say the least.  Me? I think if a 50-year old woman can lose 14 dress sizes, she should treat herself to any damned thing she pleases! If that's a full back tattoo of the Twilight characters, then by goddess she should go for it! The only thing is, our Jesus could've done an even better job.

Have a Beauty-Full Day,

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