Saturday, November 6, 2010

Be Prepared

One of the most important tools I've found to assist me in this weight loss effort is planning. In order to succeed, I need to be prepared. This means my refrigerator is kept stocked with fruits, veggies, yogurt, etc., my JC meals are in the freezer ready to go, my menu hanging in a prominent spot where I can refer to it often, water bottles filled and chilled, etc. Just for kicks, I put my JC daily menu into Sparkpeople because I wanted to confirm my daily calorie intake. I was impressed! Even with "unlmited free foods" like my homemade WW veggie soup, I still am consuming about 1,200 calories a day:

The most important part of preparation at the moment: having my work-out clothes clean and ready to don. I have discovered that if I step out of bed and immediately get dressed, right down to sneakers, it's half the battle in the I-don't-wanna-exercise war. I'm already up, dressed and ready to go; now, what's my excuse?

Since I am sorely lacking in dresser space (that'll change when I don't have it stuffed full of various sized clothing!) I had to get a bit creative with my storage options. As a collector of vintage suitcases & train cases, I have a couple empty ones hanging around and I decided to put one to good use:

The main compartment holds my t-shirts, yoga pants & socks, front pouch contains i-pod, pedometer and measuring tape. Behind there is a place for my sneakers. Voila! Perfect! I keep this right next to my bed so that I literally roll out of bed and get dressed. Easy as pie! I then meet Beren in the family room for our morning coffee and when he leaves for work, I either grab the dog and hit the sidewalk or I jump on the treadmill. Put in my 30 minutes, shower, and off to work I go.

When I get home from the office, I immediately put another outfit on so I'm prepared to hit the treadmill again, take Loki for a stroll, do a little workout video..whatever! Since the clothes are cute enough for streeetwear, I can also walk to the grocery store, park, wherever and still feel comfortable.

So, there you go, my little Girl Scout tip of the day!

Have a Beauty-full Weekend,


  1. This is SO true, and I just can't seem to do it. Somehow, I always "forget" things: my sports bra, my socks (or the whole darn gym bag), my healthy lunch for work, etc. You've figured out how to get the systems in place! Maybe I will, too, some day......

  2. You should check out this blog! it's a decorating tip using a vintage suitcase!

  3. Preparation is the key!
    That tip of having your work out clothes ready in the morning and putting them on first thing, was the best tip that worked for me.
    Kepp up the good work!

  4. You are UBER organized!!! Great tips!

  5. Thank you, Roz! I am organized, in some areas of my life..grin..others, not so much!

  6. Islandgirl, it only takes a few minutes to plan and set up, but saves so much aggravation, right?!

  7. Christine, thanks so much for sharing the link! What a great blog and I love what she did with a vintage suitcase!

  8. Anne, believe me, I have many mornings like that where I'm running around searching for a lost shoe, purse, lunch bag, etc. It's only with my workout clothes that I'm organized, lol, and only because I am *so* determined to get this weight off!