Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stormy Weather (Jenny: Day One)

So much for the Sunshine State, it's been raining for days! Though it can get old after a while, I actually enjoy the dark & dreary weather a little bit. It provides a great excuse to curl up on the couch & read, watch movies or even accomplish some long-overdue projects around the Castle. Yesterday I did more of the former and less of the latter..grin...

So, I made it through my first day on Jenny Craig and I'm here to tell you, it wasn't bad! The food was surprisingly tasty and the portions were "normal" and appropriate, meals were filling as long as you add the required salad or veggies alongside.

Though I had a few moments of wanting something to eat, I didn't feel hungry at all! I didn't even use the "free" foods I'm allowed, wanting to keep it really strict at the beginning until I get a feel for the program.

Here's what my day looked like:

Breakfast: Jenny's Frosted Oat cereal with 8 oz fat-free milk, coffee, fruit (I actually saved the fruit for my morning snack), Jenny's multivitamin

Snack: Yogurt (80-100 calories) and mixed berries (saved from breakfast)

Lunch: Large green salad with Jenny's dressing, Jenny's Turkey Burger, Jenny's multivitamin

Snack: Fruit (apple)

Dinner: Jenny's Chicken Fettuccine, 1 cup of steamed broccoli, Jenny's antioxidant

Snack: Jenny's S'mores Bar, herbal tea

2 Liters of water consumed over the span of the day

How does that sound to you all? I took some pictures but since my camera is MIA and I had to use my camera phone, they didn't turn out nice enough to share.

I got up this morning feeling really good! Got up before the alarm went off, zipped to the bathroom and couldn't help but hop on the scale for a sneak peek. Umm..1.4 pounds less than yesterday. YES! I'm sure that's water weight, but I will take it! Of course it's only been a day and I'll get my official weigh-in with JC next week, but for now that's the motivation I need to Keep On Going!

As Misunderstood and Admired always says..Onward!

Have a Beauty-Full Day,


  1. BWTG! Here's to a successful Day 2!!

  2. Congratulations! Sounds like JC isn't going to be too bad, especially if you get those kind of results :)

    I love days like that too sometimes; though I imagine it would get dreary after long periods of time...

    -Lady Fromage

  3. Thinking about Fried Calamare Arabiata, Baked Clams, Antipasto, Rigatoni ala Vodka, Fettucine with Shrimp, Stuffed Veal Chops Valdostana and Chicken Mio Posto, maybe some Fried Zucchini and some Risotto. Tiramisu, canollis and Cappucino.. Two weeks baby...

  4. That actually sounds like a nice little menu. Shame the phone pics didn't turn out too well. Would have been cool to see them :)

  5. That menu sounds actually pretty good. Hmm.. I am surprised its that good actually. And they allow for snacks which is awesome!

  6. Looks decent-like all the necessities are covered! Keep it up, girl!!

    Polar's Mom

  7. Thank you, Catherine!! xoxoxo

    Lady Fromage, yep, even rainy days are great in moderation!

    Oh, Allan, how you tempt me! See you in 9 days!

    Mark, still hunting for that damned camera! grrr...

    Misunderstood, I'll pass that along to Jenny. ;)

    Leah, yep, they encourage you to eat 5-6 times a day..I can do that! ;)

    Polar's Mom, thank you!

  8. Now that is a rain coat!

    Go gett'em with Jenny Craig.