Monday, July 25, 2011

Wake-Up Call

Come on in, the Coffee's Great ACEO Collage

I've been struggling a bit, dear readers, seemingly unable to put my fork down and pick myself up off the couch. Other than regular daily activity, I've done very little in the way of exercise. I've been eating everything in sight, consuming too many empty (white) calories and too few fruits & veggies. I could give a list of reasons (stress, worry, life changes) but really, there's no excuse. Starting today, I decided to finish off what JC I have on hand and go back to WW online. I know, I know, you've heard it all before and I don't blame you for the eye-rolling. But honestly, after a lot of soul-searching (and a good hard look at my financial budget) it's the smartest decision, the best path for me to take for the rest of my journey.

The scale this morning read 157.8, about a 4 pound gain from my lowest point a few months ago. I'm still (barely) under 160 and that's the magic number, my wake-up call. My jeans are a little snug and I'm not as comfortable in my skin, time to to wake up and smell the coffee.

Because I tend to overindulge on the weekends, I changed my official weigh-in day to Monday. I'm hoping that this a) keep me accountable and b) allow me to save those extra POINTS+ for the times when I really need them.

Today has been fairly easy so far but I do have to remind myself to bulk up on the (free) veggies & fruit and to avoid the higher POINTS+ snacky food. Beren took me out to lunch, a rare occurrence on a weekday, and watching him devour a Ruben sandwich & french fries was not easy, but I made myself stick with the turkey burger and steamed broccoli. It was still higher POINTS+ meal than I would've eaten at home but I did the best I could and am pleased with it. I'll make a lower POINTS+ dinner tonight to compensate.

Hope you're all doing well, thank you for hanging in there with me.



  1. if you're going to try ww again, check out skinny! So many amazing healthy recipes!!

  2. Brittany, I've recently discovered skinnytaste myself! I *love* her recipes! :)

  3. Hiya, thanks for the follow and for the super sweet words on my blog! What helps me the most in addition to WW is Don't know if you're familiar with them or not, but it's a completely FREE weight loss community. My name there is HALFFAST - feel free to friend me if you are (or become) a member. The support there is truly invaluable. Although I have to admit that lately, I spend more time reading blogs than doing anything else, haha! Either way, I'm happy to "meet" you :)

  4. You and me both! STRUGGLING!I need to get a handle on this too. I agree - I could blame it on stress & many things but I need to get this eating too much and moving too little under control.
    You can do this!
    Have a prettty day!

  5. It is so hard though sometimes isn't it? I did ww online, lost 10lb, lost motivation and put most of it back on. I am eating healthily again now and doing loads of exercise, have stayed the same so far though....I give up! xx

  6. Laura, I *love* Sparkpeople! Thank you for the reminder, I popped over there last night and "friended" you. :)

  7. Lady Cherry, even if the scale hasn't changed, do you clothes feel differently/better? Maybe you're fabulous figure is just re-shaping a bit! xooxox

  8. walking up and smelling the coffee is good.
    especially when done in a loving fashion as you have/are.

    Youve got this oh Already Lovely Lady.