Friday, March 18, 2011 a Healthy Way

Daily Om ~ March 18, 2011
Blending Thought and Feeling
Leo Daily Horoscope

A need to explore the range of your abilities can come upon you suddenly today, prompting you to look for opportunities to make use of your intellectual and creative talents. You may feel innovative as you endeavor to imbue your practical projects with an aura of creativity. Similarly, your resourceful and clever mood can drive you to explore methods of using your creative skills in your professional life. You may discover today that the imaginative yet commonsensical ideas that appear in your mind help you to see your world in a more balanced way. This can be a wonderful time to tackle projects that have stymied you, because you may be able to perceive new techniques of achieving your goals.

While lying on the couch sniffling and sneezing for the past couple of days, I caught up on reading, favorite tv shows, and started planning some long-overdue house projects. Inspired by the book, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston, I took a good look around the family room and, not happy with what I saw, decided to start purging. Choosing my bookshelves as the first area to tackle might not have been the best idea since the swirling dust contributed to a sneezing fit, but I did it anyway. By the time Beren got home last night, I had two out of three bookshelves cleared off & dusted, two huge stacks of books for donation and the remaining tomes neatly returned to their proper place. I freed up two whole shelves which I'm sure will fill up again eventually, but for now I'm quite content to leave them bare. I now have a bunch of books up for swap on Paperbackswap and another 50 or so set aside for donation to the library. Whew! As much as I adore my collection, so many of my books were no longer needed or loved, coming from a different time in my life. My interests have changed, why hold onto things that no longer make me happy?

This weekend I plan to continue with the de-cluttering, tackling the entertainment center next. It's very freeing to let go of this stuff, to clear out unwanted items to make room for fresh, new possessions, thoughts & ideas. The process is emotionally as well as physically fulfilling, and I can't help but wonder if purging myself of clutter is also contributing to the slight loss I noticed on the scale this morning? I'm clearing out unwanted junk in my home, in my mind, and maybe in my body as well! There are studies that back up this theory...hmm...something to think about while I tackle the dust bunnies today.

Have a Beauty-Full Day, TGIF!


  1. I'm a hoarder (not enough to have camera and tv crews in my house thank goodness) so every few months or so, I need to do a light purging. About once a year, I have to do a super purge and it always feel so good. Have fun!

  2. Jenn, so funny, I was watching Hoarder yesterday! I tend to hoard things as well..blush..need to work harder at keeping that little flaw under control. ;)

  3. Purging clutter is a pain to get started on, but once it's done, it feels SOOOO good. We MUST set aside a day or two in our home soon and do the same. Keep feeling better and have a good weekend.

  4. I seem to spend half my life decluttering. And the other half buying the stuff l will eventually declutter..:b