Sunday, March 6, 2011

Veggie Love

Looking over my food journal for the past week, I realized that I haven't been eating quite enough veggies. So, off to my local farmers market I went..

I came home with a big ol' bag of yummy fruits & vegetables, washed and prepared them all, then turned some of them into a huge salad.

While others, along with some peppers languishing in my crisper, got grilled and served alongside my Jenny Craig Lasagna.

I am amazed at the difference it makes when I "volumize" my meals with vegetables! I'm fuller, more satisfied and feel so good about putting more healthy stuff into my body!

Hope you're all having a wonderful, relaxing Sunday! Now, go eat your veggies! *smile*



  1. rapunzel, I CAN NOT WAIT FOR SUMMER! I agree ... I have NOT been adding enough veggies to the meals. I need to get to the store TODAY for some. That looks delish! And you are so right, with smart choices of healthy foods , you can get SO much more to eat! Good girl!
    have a pretty day!

  2. Oh YUM! I so envy your well stocked farmers market. Our winter markets are good fun, but we're a few months away from nice local produce being available. Have a great day!! Enjoy those veggies.

  3. Your veggies look wonderful and may I ask about the wonderful yellow plate you have pictured? I love the yellow, red and agua colors. Love to know where you bought the plate...

    I can't wait for the rain to stop so I can go to the farmers market more often. Take care, paula

  4. Paula, I bought a small set of those plates at a thrift store, so wish I could find more of them! The pattern is Petit Jardin, made by Culinary Arts.