Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rapunzel Wants a Cracker

We all have those trigger foods, right? You know, the things you think you'll only have a bite of and before you know it you've gorged to the point of a food coma. For some (many?) folks it's sweets...cookies, cake, chocolate anything. Eh, all of that is tasty and I certainly wouldn't turn down a nice chunk of dark chocolate but that's not what does me in. For me, it's the cheese/carb combination. Give me a slab of Brie and a hunk of French bread and I am in absolute heaven. Barring that, a wedge of cheddar with a sleeve of good crackers will do nicely. Add a glass or two of chardonnay and I'm a goner. Diet? What diet? Oh, this little snack won't hurt a thing! And, besides, I'll start again fresh tomorrow! No harm, right? Sigh..there's just no reasoning with a woman under the influence of a carb/alcohol buzz.

So, since I know this is a danger area for me you'd think I'd keep the little devils out of the house, right? Ummm..not so much. You see, I live with a Man who enjoys the crunchy stuff and since he doesn't have a weight issue (damn him) I find myself loading the grocery cart with Triscuits and cheddar on a regular basis. Taking a long hard look at the situation yesterday while I was preparing an afternoon snack for us both, I reminded myself that I do have options. I can have the chardonnay (in moderation, my dear) but not the bread. The cheese is allowed, but how about a triangle of Laughing Cow instead of the full fat stuff. And, wow, celery crunches nicely and provides a nice little vehicle to get aforementioned cheese into my mouth. Or, how about a bit of cheddar with a nice crispy apple? Not exactly the same as the crackers but we all have choices and at least these won't end up on my backside!


  1. Sometimes you just have to be a wee bit selfish on this weight-loss journey, I've found. I was buying a lot of chips that wound up in my mouth because I was convinced the kids would wah-wah-wah if I didn't get them. Well, they did cry and complain a bit when these items disappeared from the pantry shelves, but they adapted, and guess what? Everybody's eating a little better at my house as an end result. Nothing wrong with that, is there?

  2. Bread and Cheese are my weakness as well. Give me a slice of good bread and I will eat the whole loaf.

  3. She Woke Up Fat, a girl after my own heart, lol! It's just not fair that we're not able to indulge our passion for the white stuff, is it?

  4. Jack, you are so right about that, my friend! However, if I took those items off the shelves My Man would simply get into his car and go buy them himself. :-p He's supportive of my weight loss efforts as long as they don't impact him too much, you know?

  5. Yep, I've with you on the whole bread and cheese thing. I can skip everything at Thanksgiving except the homemade rolls...yum!

    I say have your honey hide his stash :)

  6. I hear you, my dear. I adore sweets, but if forced to choice one or the other, always end up saying I'm more of a salty/crunchy food gal. A small portion of nuts (in their natural state...not loaded with oil, salt, etc) often does the ticket for me when I want to crunch, but not go to town with the calories.

    On a different note, thank you very deeply for your lovely "Stellaversay" wishes, honey! They really me a lot to me (and Stella :D).

    Oodles of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica