Friday, August 7, 2009

Shopping Day

Since I rarely work on Fridays, I reserve those days for my WW meeting, errands, cleaning, etc, all of the stuff I don't wanna do on weekends when Beren is home! Yesterday I hit the grocery store, today is Costco because I do appreciate a big strong man when doing that bulk shopping. *wink*

There were a few new-to-me products mentioned at the meeting, am looking forward to trying them but in the meantime here are the items I keep on hand all the time; if these are in my fridge & pantry I have a much better chance of success. Even more important if I'm going to get rid of the 3 pounds I gained this week! *groan*

*Boca & Morningstar Farms products - veggie burgers, dogs, sausage, etc
*Veggie Cheese
*Arnold Sandwich Thins
*Flat-Out Wraps
*Perdue Perfect Portions chicken breast
*Weight Watchers yogurt
*Jiffy Pop 100-calorie mini-bags, various flavors
*frozen shrimp
*Thomas Light English Muffins
*Boars Head turkey breast

I also can't live without Pyrex, I have a huge collection of both vintage and new pieces, use it almost exclusively for food storage. I'm not big on plastic, am nervous about the health risks and would much prefer glass. It cleans better, lasts longer and looks prettier! The only exception I make is some Tupperware for dry pantry items and Rubbermaid Chug bottles which are BPA free and are the perfect water bottle, in my opinion. I buy them in bulk at Costco, keep half a dozen or so in the fridge at all times. The family is much more likely to choose water over some other liquid if it's cold & readily available! And they are so cheap, if one of the kids leaves them at the beach or at a friend's house, no big deal, I'm only out a couple of bucks.

Once I got everything put away I started cooking! I sauteed 1 bag of shrimp with Mrs. Dash seasoning, grilled chicken breast w/Mojo sauce, divided everything up into individual containers and put them on my shelf in the refrigerator. I made a huge salad with romaine, peppers, tomatoes, etc, just about every veggie I could think of was thrown in there. This way when I get home from work and don't feel like cooking some days, I can throw together a simple salad with either shrimp or chicken and Poof! Dinner's done!

Today I'm going to make use of my slowcooker, am tossing together Laloosh's Black Bean Chili, doubling the black beans & eliminating the meat to make it vegetarian. Again, this a cinch to prepare today since I took the time to cut up the onions, etc yesterday when I unpacked them from the grocery store! Planning really is everything.

Now, off I go to Costco, if only I looked like Ms. Von Teese while pushing my grocery cart...swoon....

Have a Beauty-Full Day,


  1. I *LOVE* your retro pyrex.. they totally rock!!! And love your playlist too!! All my faves!!

    And look at your fridge.. WOW! Wanna come clean mine out? haha!! My stuff is just shoved in anywhere it fits.. haha! *blush*

    Looking at your pics, we started out at the same 'starting' weight... I love the pic from 150lbs. you're smokin' hot girl!!

    Have a fabulous weekend! Love your blog, going to add you to my blogroll.. hope that's ok!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words! I love your blog as well and am always inspired by my visits!

    I'd be honored to be added to your blogroll, thanks so much!

  3. I love the Pyrex. I could open my families' cabinets and they would be full of these. I felt at home with you! Ms. Von Teese is HOT! I want to look like that. She is absolutely perfectly coiffed! I'm always a bit frazzled! Loved her entire ensemble!

    Your must haves included several of ours. I bet we could all tell who is on WW at any grocery store just by looking in there cart! LOL!

  4. Now I want a big salad with grilled shrimp!!! I see some vintage Corelle in that cupboard! Ive got my grandmother's everyday set, gosh I bet its almost as old as I am and I use those dishes daily. Got a big vintage pyrex measuring/pour cup too, love it! The new stuff just cant compare! Oh love Dita's shoes, I want em!

  5. Black Kitteh, I totally agree about Dita, she is gorgeous and so put-together!

  6. We love the Boca burgers! I've gotten to where I almost prefer them to beef. Love the flat-out wraps too but have to say I'm not a fan of the light english muffins, sadly.

    Love the Pyrex!! Unfortunately I have too much plastic and a husband who thinks it's wonderful.

  7. Karla, I'm ok with the multigrain english muffins, but I they have to be really toasted! I normally use them for breakfast sandwiches so they're just a vehicle to get the veggie sausage and cheese into my tummy, lol!

    Ugh, plastic! I feel your pain, I've had to convert Beren slowly but he's come around quite nicely and has even started to use cloth napkins! ;)

  8. arielcircleofnine, we share so many passions, lol! The vintage glassware, the & I could have a killer shopping experience together!