Saturday, June 30, 2012


Hello, darlings! Hope all is well with all of you.  All is well here, busy traveling back & forth across the state, spending time in three different homes while Beren works.

Diet-wise, nothing much has changed.  I'm eating vegan except for the occasional bit of cheese when nothing else is available on the menu, loosely counting POINTS+, focusing on lots of vegetables and whole grains. Eating out is a bit challenging but I've been lucky enough to fidnd some veg-friendly dishes, and accommodating chefs who have been happy to make something special for me.

Photo: Portobello sandwich, I love you
Grilled Portobello Sandwich
Photo: Btw, this was my lunch...spicy veggies and tofu. I know, much less impressive than Chip's. ;')
Spicy Veggies & Tofu
Veggie Roll
Photo: Delicious dinner tonight,.thx to @lindseybat for the vegan recommendation
Norito Bowl

The RV is parked in a beautiful location, allowing for lots of Loki walks which has been wonderful for both of us.

Photo: Camping

Photo: Red sky at night....

Photo: Nature Dog

We're in Ormond this weekend, meeting a bunch of Beren's college pals for a mutual 50th Birthday celebration.  I'm sure it'll be a wild time, pics to follow.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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